Good Stock Restaurant & Catering

good stock main photoNote* The above pic credit goes to Good Stock

On the morning of Saturday June 10th, Good Stock  (located at 11409 40th Ave Edmonton AB T6J 0R4) opened its doors to the public for the first time. As I was being lazy for most of the day, checking in on face book posts from friends or those who are in the same group I’m in, and seeing all the delicious looking pics, I knew I had to do something. I missed what I wanted to get, which was the weekend brunch special my fault- I was in a mood, wanted to take the kids to Pride, but they were gone for the weekend, conflicted on what I wanted to do (I just wanted  to stay in pj’s all day long and not go anywhere- but-). I decided I’m going to check this place out. It’s not 100% vegan, but promised to be clearly labelled, I thought, why not. Let’s check it out. FYI, anything with honey in it IS clearly labelled.

I got there, kinda nervous as I’m there alone. I was sure I would be the only one to come alone. NO I was not. I entered the clean modern feeling place and noticed a man sitting by himself, there was a family that entered before me, they were all smiles and laughing and having fun. Behind me was an older couple, quiet and more serious. The (lone) man was looking around taking it all in. A fellow people watcher I see.

I came in knowing what I wanted to eat. After looking at the menu in real life… I couldn’t choose. The family ahead of me ordered the donair, cheese burger and potato salad, not sure what the child ordered as something caught my attention, or maybe I stopped people watching. It was my turn… I still didn’t  know what I wanted…..

Cashier “Welcome, how are you today?”

Me “umm, I’m good… how are you?” he totally threw me off in a good way.

Chashier “I’m good, thank you. I just wanted to let you know unless otherwise stated this is a vegan restaurant”

Me šŸ™‚ “I know, thanks” I’m liking this place already.

Cashier “What would you like to order?”

Me “One of everything” the look on his face “Seriously, I can’t do that today, so…. tell me what’s in your cheese burger?”

Cashier “well I’m not exactly sure, I’ll find out for you”

Comes back with the Chef. Michelle, even though really busy explained what was in it. I assumed because of what was in it, it would be kinda loose. She said no not loose, it holds together well. Even when I went with another choice and thanked her, her attitude didn’t change, she maintain her friendly smile, and even though I can’t remember what she said to me, I felt like everything was ok. (She is more professional than I am sometimes). The main reason why I didn’t get the burger was because potato salad. Don’t get me wrong, I love potatoes but room temp is the coldest I go and I don’t like mayo on my potatoes.

I order the smoked TLT, which has tofu, lettuce, tomato and in-house mayo made from cashews. The sandwich had a nice smoky flavor to it, nicely cooked (I’m picky when it comes to tofu, I hardly ever order it) paired with fresh tomatoes and crunchy lettuce and a hint of vegan butter and cashew mayo…. I was in taste bud heaven. I had my choice of soup, so I decided to go with a chickpea barley. It was hardy, savoury- it was perfect. I didn’t finish it all as I wanted to try more food, and leftovers that’s always the test. (This soup is still amazing 2 days after being ordered)

As I was eating my meal, the lone male went up to order more food. I know he ordered bagels but not sure what else. None of my business really, but I wanted to talk to him to see what he had and what it was like.

I went back up, and had to thank the cashier for the wonderful meal I had. I asked for a kids mac n cheese, a multi grain bagel with cream cheese. Again, just when I thought I knew what I wanted, after hearing the options, I couldn’t decide. They all sounded wonderful. In the end I opted for the Italian herb. I asked if the cream cheese could be in a separate container as I didn’t plan on eating it right away. I had ordered this food to go, but when I got it.. I had to sample the mac n cheese when it was fresh. OMG: I seriously had to stop myself from eating the whole thing. The kid’s mac n cheese comes with a side of veggies. Some celery, carrot and red pepper sticks. The adult portion comes with a rainbow salad.

good stock mnc

The next day I had the bagel and cream cheese. Oh yeah baby- you’re right up there with someone who I hold the upmost respect for. The cream cheese can’t be compared to any other cream cheese that you buy in stores. No, this reminded me of Miyoko’s cheese. Yummy. I need some more, seriously, you can not get enough.


Before leaving, I needed to talk to the people who I assumed were prepping, I didn’t want to bug Chef Michelle, even though I wanted to express the gratitude I felt. I thanked them for the great tasting food. I was impressed. I love(d) everything about Good Stock.

Bottom line, you need to eat there. One of these days I will make it over there for their brunch special. Also, they have a special going on each day.

If you have been there let me know what you have tried. If you don’t live here, place it on your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.



Weekend Getaway

Sometimes we all need to getaway. I needed to get away from doing all the things: laundry, dishes, paid work, emails, blogging, social media.

Here’s my view of the “road”- looking through the sunroof: what do you see in that cloud? I see freedom or the cloud God of freedom waving at me šŸ˜‰


I was going to stay off all social media for 24 hours, but found myself checking in a few times, and responding to some comments. What can I say? SM, is a big part of my life. Perhaps, too much….. Wait I take that back. It’s never too much.

Took off to the mountains. The view is amazing. If you never been to Jasper, Alberta, Canada- I suggest going. There’s a lot to do. Unfortunately, I was only gone for a little over 24 hrs, and when the trip is 4 hrs one way give or take- that doesn’t leave a lot of time for exploring.

Have a look at some photo’s I took. Some may be blurry, but I was in a moving car. Also, if your wondering why there’s a lot of animal butts in one of the pic- now you know why…. Moving car

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The hotel we stayed at was pretty decent. And by decent, I mean it’s been one of the cleanest hotels I’ve stayed in and it was decently priced.

We had a loft. The staircase leading up to the sleeping area was narrow. I really don’t know how they got furniture up there. There was a window in the ceiling. Sorry, couldn’t see any stars. There was a fireplace and a balcony, and kitchenette. Even though I love cooking, I had a few places in mind that I wanted to try out. But more about that later.

I recommend you check out Best Western if you plan on staying in Jasper

Here’s some pictures of what I thought were interesting “things” to see:

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According to Happy Cow, there’s 3 places that offer vegan options.Ā  I really wanted to go to Coco’s Cafe, but it was closed by the time we hit downtown. So we checked out a Korean restaurant- but the menu posted was too meat heavy that I personally didn’t trust that they knew what vegetarian was never mind a vegan. So, pizza it was. Even though I do like Famoso- I was not too happy about having pizza from here when they are in my city- kinda like going to Europe and eating Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut :/ Ā I do realize why they are there though, people who have never had their pizza now get a chance to try it. So, this was my supper:


yeah- I had a piece before I took a pic of it

I was able to get to Coco’s before I left, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it….. But you will need to wait Ā that’s another story, and I really want to showcase the quaint joint by itself.

Until next time Jasper, thank you for the relaxation that I was craving for šŸ™‚

Have you been to Jasper? What’s your fav place to eat? Or what mountain trip do you recommend? I need to know- love getaways!

I had this post saved in my drafts, just waiting for the right time to post it. I went in April 2016. A lot has happened since then- I lost all my pics on my phone, thankfully I started this post so I could keep the memories alive. But I have lost my best friend that I went with. We were going to go back someday. I will go back, this time take the kids and share the experience with them. Maybe I will be able to get the loft we stayed at. You will forever be in my heart, you are missed by many- I love you!!