The Abundance Diet Review

Somer McCowan wrote The Abundance Diet: The 28-day Plan to Reinvent Your Health, Lose Weight, and Discover the Power of Plant-Based Foods. I’m kinda late to the party as this book was released in June of 2015. To be fair, it seems just like yesterday I bought the book. And honestly where does the time go? For anyone who doesn’t know about this book or is sitting on the fence, I have a few words for you- if you want to redevelop your relationship with food, and want to be able to eat as much as you want without gaining weight- this book is for you. Do you want recipes packed with flavor with each time you lift your fork or spoon to your mouth? This book is for you.

This book is divided by 4 parts. Part 1 includes Somer’s personal journey. Did you know she was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease, but when she went 100% vegan- she was able to get off all meds and is in FULL remission…. see the power plants have?) She  talks about how we as a society,  look at food and talks about how to rethink our eating habits by replacing them with healthy ones. There’s a part  about reinventing our Kitchen, which is interesting because I’m nosy and I like to find out how others are organizing and what they are buying. I like to be able to take a sneak peak.

Part 2: The 28 day meal plan, she makes things easy for us,  as she made a menu for us. No excuses. NONE!!!!

Part 3: The recipes, including a bonus 1-3-5 day juice feast (she also talks about the basics).  She’s not pushy with her opinion, her recipes are down to earth and tasty.

And she wraps this gem up with Fitness and maintenance tips. She doesn’t leave you wondering “now what?” “where do I go from here?” I love the fact that she knows you need realistic goals and she doesn’t try to tell you if you follow this plan, then you will be model skinny. She’s trying to give you a gift by making you be the healthiest you- you can be. Weight loss is going to happen, because she’s not making you starve and is telling you to eat as much whole foods as you want.

These are the recipes I have tried and LOVED!! In fact many of them I’ve made a few times already and I will never get bored with them!!!

Cheesy cauliflower and potato bake


You can find the recipe on Somer’s site.

Cheesiest potato soup, homestyle mexican casserole, minted cucumber melon juice, easy applesauce snack cake, chocolate chip mini blondie muffins, “cowboy special” one pot pasta, roasted tofu veggies stir fry with garlic ginger sauce (includes up to 3 variations plus a Kung Pao recipe) creamy vegan ranch dressing. Australian carrot, apple, celery juice, chia limeade.

Somewhere I have pics, and I may- read WILL add more later when I update this post with new dishes I make.

Bottom line, she makes this food taste like comfort food. But really? It’s healthful, so you don’t feel guilty about eating it 🙂 I hope you check out the book. Somer has lots of recipes on line for you to try.

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I would like to know, what is your fave Vedged Out recipe? I cant decide my favorite.



Brandie’s Girl Crushes of 2015

I have a lot of respect for these 5 ladies, who have offered us many recipes to make our families happy for years to come. And just when you think you have their best recipe/book yet? They have gone and proved me wrong. All these Ladies have released a book this year and have some recipes to tease you with on their blogs. I highly suggest visiting each and every one of them, but don’t do so on an empty stomach. You have been warned.

  1. Dreena Burton, her newest book Plant Powered Families came out in May 2015. This is *the* book for families (you don’t need kids to enjoy the recipes, but it’s excellent if you have picky ones- these recipes will make dinner time easier) See what I have to say about her Creamy Cauliflower Soup.


She is also the author of: The Everyday Vegan, Vive le Vegan, Eat, drink and be Vegan, Let them eat Vegan and her e-book Plant Power 15.

I own every single book including e-book. If you have her books you can tell she’s changed the way she cooks. Her older books include more processed foods, uses more oil which I still cook from- but her recent she’s found a way of making recipes that uses natural sweeteners, hardly any oil and they are DELISH every single time. Pick up any of her books- close your eyes and flip to any page- you will love it 🙂

2. Kathy Hester, her newest book The Easy Vegan Cookbook came out in Aug 2015. This book is amazing and must have to get healthful dinners on the table in 30 mins or less. I’ve made several from this book and all keepers. Short and sweet list of ingredients. Great for those who are overwhelmed in the kitchen and just need something simple yet gives a WOW factor! For more of a review see mine : review of The Easy Vegan Cookbook


She’s also the author of: The Vegan Slow Cooker, The Great Vegan Bean Book, Vegan Slower Cooker for two or just for you, OATrageous OAT meals and her e-book The Ghoulish Gourmet.

I have The Easy Vegan cookbook, The Vegan Slow Cooker and  The Ghoulish Gourmet. I have borrowed the other books from the library and they will end up in my collection of must have’s as the recipes I’ve made, I’ve enjoyed and hate waiting in line for them to be available.

At first I thought I would never get much use out of Vegan Slow Cooker for 2 or just for you, because, I love left overs- but honestly this book allows me to try more recipes as I don’t have a lot of left overs…. and you can always double up if you want to. Head over to her site and start planning dinner!!

3. Somer McCowan, She’s a new comer to me and all I can say is THANK YOU to whoever “introduced” me to her. Her book The Abundance Diet This is NOT a book about dieting, it’s not a get thin quick book- it’s about eating an abundance of healthful foods and bettering yourself in a healthy way. If you like Cheesy Potato bake (the dish is way better than my “review”, and pastas, and smoothies and juices- you are in for a treat!

Check out her blog- she has those cheesy potato recipe online… one bite of that is worth buying her book alone. But don’t stop there, she has many recipes that are drool worthy. Check out her Foxy Moxy, one would say it’s better than chocolate.

4. Richa Hingle. She’s another one who has come onto my radar this past year. Her book Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen: Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook offers the best of the best Indian cooking. I did have to look up some meanings, or searched for some of the spices. But they were easy enough to get or it was optional. Keep in mind I’m new to cooking Indian- but not to eating it.

She has an e-book Diwali- Sweets which- I must check out after writing this….. I suggest you have a look at it too.

If you want home cooked Indian food- this is *the* book to buy. It  is easy to follow along, and the spices you may have to buy will not go to waste.

5. Finally but not least is THE Isa Moskowitz. Her last book is actually a 10th Anniversary edition of Vegan with a Vengeance. I get hungry when I think about this book. Everything I’ve made from it- has been awesome! Who knew she could make brussel sprouts tastes great?!

She’s written Isa Does It, Appetite for  Reduction, Vegan Brunch, Vegan with a Vengeance, Veganomicon

And co-written with Terry Hope Romero Vegan cupcakes take over the world, Vegan cookies invade your cookie jar and Vegan pie in the sky.

I have  Isa Does It, Appetite for  Reduction, Vegan Brunch, Vegan with a Vengeance, Veganomicon and Vegan cupcakes take over the world all get books.  In fact, I just wrote a post about the Vegan cupcakes take over the world in my Girl just wanna bake cupcakes post. Head on over and see what she’s cooking up. It’s worth the trip.

Now that I have totally overwhelmed you with 5 wonderful Ladies with blogs and cookbooks to keep you and your family healthy, happy and satisfied for years to come- my advice is grab a note book and pen and jot down some notes- or book mark pages and start your menu planning. And have fun in the kitchen. As I cook and blog- I will give tips on how to make recipes easier, or what freezes well, what doubles well, how to make the most of a batch cooking day and anything that I think is helpful to help you in your kitchen.

Who is your girl crush? Let me know, I’m always wanting to meet more people 🙂

Note* we do get a small commission on any books you purchase through our store. So- happy shopping- get the latest books for you and your friends, all make for great stocking stuffers 😀 Have a wonderful day

Cheesy Potato Bake

This cheesy potato bake is everything you want  it to be. Potatoes, cauliflower and it being all nice and cheesy. Oh and it’s vegan 🙂 This recipe can be found in Somer’s new book the abundance diet- but this recipe can be found on her website Cheesy Potato Bake

This is one of my favorite recipes in her latest book, tell me what is you fav recipe of hers?image