Easy Air Fryer Recipes to make the Season a Little Easier

Guys, you are in for a treat! I asked my fellow bloggers for their easy air fryer meals, sides, their go-to when they are in a hurry, and this roundup is Epic! With a capital AMAZING.


Vegan Lasagna For One. This is perfect for those times you are craving lasagna but don’t want to be eating leftovers for days. Photo credit goes to Cadry from Cadry’s Kitchen.


Crispy Air Fry Tofu. Hands down the best way to prepare tofu. The non-loving tofu people in my life love this recipe. Photo credit goes to Becky from Glue and Glitter.


Air-Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower.  Just when you think it couldn’t get better? This is  perfect for get-togethers/celebrations. You know, the Grey Cup, Super Bowl, The Stanely Cup, Thanksgiving, celebrating your rescue’s birthday, your child’s first step. Read you don’t need a reason to make these- just do it. Photo credit goes to Kristina from Spabettie.


Bow Tie Pasta Chips. These are quick and easy, and healthier than regular potato chips. They can also be made Gluten-Free, Kathy tells you how. Photo Credit goes to Kathy Hester from Healthy Slow Cooking.


Vegan Bacon Mini Breakfast Burritos. These are so cute, and who doesn’t love a good burrito? Photo credit goes to Kristina from Spabettie.


Vegan Quiche. Make a batch of these quiche so you can have some all week long. I’m sure Santa wants some instead of cookies. Photo credit goes to Cadry’s Kitchen.


Nutty French Toast. This seems like something you would only have time for on the weekends. But this calls for 7 ingredients including the bread and maple syrup. Cooks in about 6 minutes. Photo credit goes to Kathy Hester from Healthy Slow Cooking.


Vegan Air-Fry Cream Cheese Wontons. Valerie provides an easy recipe for homemade cream cheese. If you’d rather buy it, then go ahead, anything that will help with easy cooking. Photo credit goes to Valerie from Very Vegan Val.


Air Fryer Vegan Chicken and Waffles. This recipe isn’t just for breakfast. Also it’s Gluten-Free. Photo credit goes to Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine.


Vegan Popcorn Chicken. I bet you have all the ingredients for this. Photo credit goes to Mary Ellen from V Nutrition and Wellness.


Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes with rosemary speaks to me, because potatoes. Honestly you haven’t had fries until you have made them in the air fryer. Photo credit goes to Sarah from Fried Dandelions.


BLT and Potato Wedges. This has to be one of my favourite ways to make tofu bacon.


Lemon Garlic Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes sounds interesting. Who doesn’t love garlic? Photo credit goes to Mel from A Virtual Vegan.



Air Fryer Baked Potatoes, are the bomb! Photo credit goes to Courtney from Know Your Produce.


Crispy Potato Latkes. These potato “pancakes” will be a hit at your next brunch. Or for a weekday breakfast. Photo credit goes to Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine.


Seasoned Waffle Fries. How cute are these? Normally I buy them from the store, but I will be making my own from now on. Photo credit goes to Teresa Sklenicka from A Plantiful Path.


Much love to all these wonderful Ladies! xo

I hope we’ve made your life a little easier for you during the Holiday Season. Sorry we can’t do the cooking or cleaning for you, but you have some great recipes to choose from. If you still don’t have an Air-Fryer let your loved ones know how useful it really is and you might just get one. (There’s still time to buy yourself a gift from Amazon Prime.)

Back To School Lunch Round Up

Unfortunately it’s getting to be that time where we need to figure out what to make our kids for lunch. The school my kids go to had a microwave for the kids to heat their lunches, but because the school keeps getting bigger the lunch room is no longer available, the kids eat their lunch in their classrooms. Sadly no more heat up lunches allowed. My kids get sick of sandwiches every day, and I loose my creativity sometimes. Thinking outside of the box is important when crafting a lunch that your kids will eat and won’t trade, or throw in the garbage.

  1. Baked Tofu. This would hold up well in their lunch kits. I could see this over rice, as pictured, or in a wrap, over some noodles. Book mark this one for your go to baked tofu. Photo credit goes to Sarah from Fried Dandelions.


2. White bean and artichoke sandwich filling. To switch things up a bit, I’d be tempted to make her burger recipe (that inspired this recipe) and see if it would hold up- read- keep warm. Photo credit goes to Mel from A Virtual Vegan.


3. Chickpea and vegetable picnic hand pies. These would be fun to eat. I think there’ll be lots of hand pies in our future, both savoury and sweet! Photo credit goes to Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes.

vegetable picnic pies

4. Easy quinoa and cheese patties.  These look really good, don’t you think? Photo credit goes to Nico from Yumsome.


5. Vegan Chickpea Mayonnaise Salad Sandwich. Who doesn’t love chickpeas? Photo credit goes to Rhian’s Recipes.

6. Grilled green Goddess Wraps. Looks so fresh! Photo credit goes to Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine.

7. Egg free deviled potatoes. This is a nice treat. Photo credit goes to Monica from The Hidden Veggies.

8. Easy vegan tofu lettuce wraps. The kids can easily assemble this at lunch time. Photo credit goes to Vegan Chickpea.


9. Weeknight pasta in a flash. Leftovers are perfect for lunches, double the batch :). Photo credit goes to Jacquline from Tinned Tomatoes.

10. Air Fryer Carrot Falafel with Tahini Sauce. I love air fryer recipes don’t you? Photo credit goes to Choclette from Tin and Thyme.

11. Buffalo tahini quinoa and rice wraps. I could eat this every day! Photo credit goes to Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine.

12. Buffalo chickpea salad sandwich.  This would be great on freshly made bread. Photo credit goes to Karissa.

13. Vegan asparagus and sun-dried tomato quiche. I’m not a fan of crust in any quiche dish, I would enjoy this without it. Photo credit goes to Nico from Yumsome.

14. Roasted Cauliflower Chimichurri. Another great way to use cauliflower!! Photo credit goes to Kate from Root + Revel.

That gives you more than 2 weeks worth of main meals for school lunches. Now for the treats! I wish you could see the look of surprise on your childs face(s) when he/she opens up their lunch kits. Although you don’t need to wait to make these delicious treats!

Mint Chocolate Truffle Larabar Bites. She had me at mint chocolate. *drooling*. Photo credit goes to Melanie from A Virtual Vegan.

Rainbow popcorn. Seriously, how fun is this? Photo credit goes to Sarah from Fried Dandelions.

Protein Donuts. I don’t know about your kids, but mine love it when I surprise them with donuts. Photo credit goes to Olivia from Lettuce Liv.

Peanut Butter cups. I’ve made this a few different ways. Huge hit with the kids.

Tess Challis wrote A Dozen Healthy (and Easy) Snacks Your Kids Won’t Hate.  for Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting. After your finished reading the article, browse the website. It has everything you wanted or needed to know about raising vegan kids.

I hope you found this round up useful. What are your go to school lunches?



Epic Garlic Pizza Balls

I love pizza, a nice crisp crust with sauce, veggies and fruit. Pair that with garlic dip total bliss. While playing around on Facebook, I came across a video featuring mozza garlic bombs – I can’t remember the exact name right now, I’ll post the link to give credit back to the original source in just a bit.

How fun is finger food? More fun when it’s a ball and you can just pop in your mouth. Don’t blame me if you can’t get enough of these. The original recipe isn’t vegan, but that wasn’t going to stop me. If you’ve been following me you know about Vegan Snack Down. Join us on facebook and join the challenges. This week happens to be the Epic grilled cheese. The snack that gets overlooked sometimes but is the ultimate fast comfort food.

Anyways, back to the balls. You can speed the prep up buy using store bought dough- but why? Making your own is easy to do, my 8 year can make it. Spread garlic butter on the dough, add a few pinches of red chili flakes, sprinkle some hemp seeds, place cheese on it- make the balls. Perfect for snacking, movie/game night. Pair it with cheesy stix, salad and some wine. Best thing since sliced bread.

The slideshow step by step.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that I’m done teasing you, here’s the recipe: (adapted from Kitchen Aid)

For the dough:

2 1/4 tsp yeast

1 cup warm water

2 tsp olive oil

2 1/2 cups flour

1. Dissolve yeast in warm water (make sure it’s warm and not hot or you will kill it) in the bowl of your stand mixer.

2. Add the remaining ingredients. Using the hook attachment knead until the dough comes together. If too sticky add more flour. If it’s too dry, add a little more water.

3. Take dough out of the bowl, and  knead it a bit more roll it into a smooth ball. You can knead on a lightly floured surface but why?

4. Lightly oil a bowl, roll the dough around to cover the ball. Cover with a clean towel and let rest for a few hours or until double in size. (To be honest I don’t watch the time, I run errands or clean while I “wait”).

5. Store left over (if you have any) dough in an air tight container. Bring to room temp before using it.

For the Garlic butter:

3/4 cups of softened butter I use Becel vegan (it’s soft and don’t have to bring it to room temp before I want to use it as a spread)

5-6 cloves of garlic

1. Place vegan butter into bowl.

2. Using a garlic press, press the wonderful vampire repelling garlic peices through the press. Stir until well mixed.

Note* try and make this ahead of time. It tastes better the longer it sits.

While you’re waiting for the dough to rise, the butter and garlic to mingle n mix you can cut your cheese into smallish pieces. I used Daiya Smoked Gouda style.  Also prepare any dips you want to have. I used ranch dip from Vegan Bowl Attack. Check out Jackie’s site for some awesome recipes.

The method:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

1. Take 1/2 of the pizza dough roll it out, stretch it out, you want a thin but not see thru thin crust.

2. Spread the garlic butter in the dough. Don’t hold back,  you want to have a generous amount.

3.  Sprinkle red chili flakes (only you know how much heat you can handle) sprinkle 3 tablespoons of Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts  and 2 tablespoons of nooch (or nutritional yeast if you don’t use the term nooch).

4. Cut the dough lengthways then sideways to create 20 squares.

5. Place your Gouda pieces in the middle.

6. Roll them into balls.

7. Place balls into your prepared pan. Brush the tops with more garlic butter.

8. Bake for 15-20 mins.

9. Even though the smell of garlic is making you hungry- do not snack. These balls are worth the wait. Instead this is where you will want to make your salad or whatever you want to have with them.

10. When they are done let them cool off a bit. Brush with more garlic butter if you want and sprink with Parmesan cheese. I used Vegan Magic’s Parmageddon.

You can easily double this recipe, just don’t double the garlic butter as there’s enough to make 40 balls and likely some garlic bread sticks.

Thank you Tasting Table for the inspiration. FYI they call them Mozzarella stuffed garlic bombs. BOOM!!

Make this recipe and let me know what you think. Cheers!

Quickie Friday- Quick Tip

I love to make fun food for the kids (and the kids at heart) and what is a fun way to eat cucumbers? Rippled of course. Eat them plain, will hold more dip because of the grooves if that’s the way you roll.

This gadget

image image

is really cheap. I bought it at Canadian Tire for under 5.00 about 4 years ago? I don’t know when I bought it- but it’s paid for itself. It’s the only tool I use when it comes to cutting cucumber. It’s sharper than a butter knife, but it’s not all that much sharper. I’ve used it to make rippled scalloped potatoes, cut carrots and celery as well. It makes food FUN!!

This is what rippled cucumber looks like

image image

Another quickie tip- keep veggies in a mason jar to keep them crisp longer.

If your kids come home asking for rippled cucumber – you now know exactly what they are talking about. You’re welcome 😄

What’s your fun tip when it comes to preparing veggies that your picky children love?