Guess What’s in My Smoothie? :)

I Love Smoothies

1 apple

1 banana

2 kiwis

1/2 cup red cabbage  <—–  You heard me right  🙂

1 cup water

You can’t even taste the red cabbage, but look how pretty it is….and soooo tasty

red-cabbage-smoothie rcs2

Purple Passion Juice Shot!

Woowee!  If this doesn’t add some pep to your step, I don’t know what will…LOL

Purple Passion

If you aren’t used to juice or juice shots that are earthy, tangy, spicy and has a kick to it, use less purple cabbage or add a squeeze of lemon.  I happen to like earthy, tangy, spicy and I tossed it back like I was told people do when tossing back those other shots when at a club…not that I have ever done that back in the day….umm….you can’t prove it…hehehee.  You have to admit…that is some serious sexy in a glass right there 🙂