Pressure cooker soup stock

I made Jill’s 5 minute soup stock the other day. I used carrots, celery, green onion, garlic, parsley, peppercorns, ends of green beans and I’m sure a few other odds and ends off veggies that I needed for other dishes. I put in something different something that wasn’t mentioned in the recipe…….. Can you guess what I added?


If you guessed veggie pulp you are correct! I line the pulp container with a produce bag, and freeze the pulp. You can use the pulp for making crackers, muffins, cookies, add to soups- why waste perfectly good produce? The mixture I used was carrots, apples and lemon.

I’ve made this stock before, and it’s good as is, but the apple and lemon made the flavour pop.

What goes into your soup stock?


My 10 year old-self and Juice

I lost my motivation yesterday. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Didn’t feel like cleaning, laundry, cooking basically adulting. I didn’t adult much of the day. Still wearing my pj’s at 2 pm and hungry it was only natural to make a grilled cheeze. Right? It was an effort to defrost two slices of bread and butter them up and throw on 2 slices of cheeze.

Have you guys ever tried Chao from Field Roast yet?

imageThis cheeze is the best. Great on crackers, by itself and grilled cheeze. I bought the peppered kind this time around, and I have tried the plain one. BOTH are great!!!! Look at my sandwich…..

imageOf course I paired this with ketchup, that’s what the inner 10-year-old self wanted.

After eating this I made three types of juice. That’s about the only adulting I did. Plus I actually got dressed to make them 🙂

imageCarrots, apples and lemon

imageParsnips and pears


oranges, apples and lemon


Look at the beautiful juice!!!! Very tasty! And because I was still feeling lazy, I put a bag in the container to catch the pulp.


Apple bags come in handy. You can also use the bags you put your produce in. I didn’t save the pulp, but Kayla does and she uses it for soups and such. If you want more juice ideas check out Joe’s site. He has tons 🙂

What is your favorite lazy day meal or juice?