Manitoba Harvest, Sprinkle Love

I’m not sure the brand I originally tried, I just know I bought it from the farmers market 3 or 4 years ago. Kinda hard to believe that such a small little seed can pack a lot of flavor and omega 3&6, not to mention protein. When I ran out, the hunt was on…… IContinue reading “Manitoba Harvest, Sprinkle Love”

Halloween 2015

I love Halloween, actually I love anything that involves parties and food. We celebrated Halloween on Nov 1, due to a personal choice. No, I didn’t take my kids out to knock on doors to beg strangers for candy that would still be around come Easter. Instead, I made some yummy food from Kathy Hester’sContinue reading “Halloween 2015”


It’s  Tuesday, and yes I have left overs- but I had some for lunch and I want something different. So what’s a girl to do? So I flipped through a half a dozen cookbooks, surfed my fav blogs before I came across this recipe for Indian mashed potatoes by Richa. The recipe sounds so simpleContinue reading “ALOO BHARTA – INDIAN MASHED POTATOES”

The Ghoulish Gourmet, Review plus a recipe :)

The Ghoulish Gourmet is a new ebook by Kathy Hester. I have made several recipes in the ebook and they have all have been fanastic. The ebook consists of 5 chapters: Bloodcurdling basics Appetizer apparitions Spine chilling soups and macabre mains Desserts of Darkness Chilling (and warming) Concoctions Spooky sounding isn’t it? These recipes areContinue reading “The Ghoulish Gourmet, Review plus a recipe :)”

Brussels sprout fried rice

    This a quick and easy weeknight meal. I know a lot of people hate Brussels sprouts- but this dish makes the mini cabbages taste like more. Normally you would use left over rice to make fried rice, but this was a last minute decision. I used my instant pot to make the rice,Continue reading “Brussels sprout fried rice”

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