Szechuan Sauce Heaven! – Take-out Food No More

After a few times of Brandi telling me, ‘I swear you will never order take-out again when you try this’, I decided to give it a go.   O  M  G is all I have to say.  It took all I had not to lick the sauce from the hot pan, but I did lick it from the spatula.  I told Brandi that I would have to be half dead from exhaustion in order to justify take-out again (and that still wouldn’t be a good enough excuse) because this recipe is that easy to do and that scrumptious…and way, way healthier than take-out.


The recipe can be found on page 136 of The Easy Vegan Cookbook by Kathy Hester

For once in my life I followed a recipe to a tee (the sauce).  And, anyone who knows me, knows that is near impossible for me to do.  What have you done to me Kathy?!?  LOL.  I will never order take-out again.

So, that was on a Friday night that I first tried the Szechuan sauce.  Did I have to try it again AND so soon??  Yes, yes I did.  The following Friday night, I made the sauce with these veggies…..Oh, all that is holy…super delicious!


I added baby potatoes and asparagus…Taste buds delighted…need I say more?