Carrot Juice, Apple Juice and Kale Juice

IMG_20151105_084322 (2)

I saw this done on Facebook and decided to give it a go.  I juiced one type of produce at a time:  Green apples to the left, Kale in the middle (what I had left), and Carrots to the right.  Then I saved the pulp from each type in it’s own freezer safe bag.  Now, I can mix and match this juice i.e. carrot, apple, kale or just carrot and apple with ginger or lemon or kale and carrot with lemon…you get the idea.  If I had more veggies I would have done more.  I will do the same for my lemons and ginger.  Happy juicing!

Salad In A Jar

I have wide-mouth mason jars and I have been using them to prepare my salads/dressings ahead of time and to keep them fresh and ready to go.  This is my ‘no excuses not to have a salad’ way of doing it:

Veggies in a jar…tomato, onions, green onions & mushrooms

veggies in a glass

A view from above…salad fixins to the left, lettuce/kale/spinach in the middle & homemade salad dressing on the right

A View From Above

Before the shake-up…add some salad fixins and dressing to the greens in the jar, screw lid on tight and shake your booty…oh and the jar too 🙂

Before the shake-up

After the shake-up…Yes, I eat this right from the mason jar…fewer dishes to wash up…awesome

After the shake-up