It’s  Tuesday, and yes I have left overs- but I had some for lunch and I want something different. So what’s a girl to do? So I flipped through a half a dozen cookbooks, surfed my fav blogs before I came across this recipe for Indian mashed potatoes by Richa. The recipe sounds so simple yet- I can already taste the flavours  I have potatoes cooking in the instant pot right now


3 potatoes. I peeled, quartered- added a cup of water, used manual setting and now, just have to wait 10 mins for them to cook and I will bring the pressure down using the no pressure release method. Since I’m just hanging out not having to watch the potatoes on the stove I will show you one tools that will make your mashed potatoes taste like fluffy clouds- trust me, this is one tool you CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT!!! It’s called a potato ricer- it’s like a giant garlic press



I found mine at Canadian Tire, but I’m sure WalMart, or Sears carries them as well. I paid about 10.00 for it and it’s already paid for itself.

Stayed tuned…….. The finished dish is about to be had 🙂

What riced potatoes look like:


Light and fluffy.

The final dish is really good. Nice flavours, nothing like your standard mashed potatoes. But that’s a good thing. It really hit the spot!


I love peas – goes well with this dish!!

If you want to make some for yourself, check out the recipe – Richa’s Indian smashed potatoes.

How do you like your potatoes?!