Sprouts Live Well With Living Foods- a book review and recipe 

Why should you sprout? Well, you can control the environment it’s growing in. It’s also incredibly healthy. I know a lot of people who think that they don’t have the time, or that it’s hard. The truth of the matter is- it’s extremely easy and it takes longer to brew a pot of coffee, or to make a tea, juice, or smoothie. So you have time. I know it sounds intimidating if you have never tried to sprout seeds, beans or nuts before. I did a lot of research before the first time I tried. I wish Sprouts was out years ago. And here’s why……

Sprouts by Ian Giesbrecht, also known by Ini has compiled a book that’s packed with everything you want to know about sprouting.

Ian gets into the science of sprouting, what you can sprout and the method, what to be aware of. Sprouting charts, resources and recipes. There’s a glossary so you don’t need to go to google for answers.  All this information is packed into a book with about 124 pages, it may be small, but it’s resourceful.

With permission from Microcosm Publishing I’m able to share a recipe with you 🙂 Enjoy this nice, cold, refreshing green smoothie.

Green Smoothie


This is an infinitely and delicious option. Whatever sprouts or microgreens you have can combine well with numerous fruits, juices, and seed. Here is a guideline to get you started. Play around, have fun, and enjoy the healthful creative process.


1 to 2 large handfuls of microgreens

1 small handful sprouted seeds or nuts

Juice, water, rejuvelac or other liquid.


Blend and ingest.

Ian, a fellow  Canadian, has travelled the world learning about different food cultures. He currently lives in Southern Missouri. His partner and Ian are developing and cultivating an edible and medicinal perennial ecosystem.

There was some information missing on page 119- but you can find the info on Microcosm Publishing’s site, along with a few more recipes.

Do you sprout already? Or are you a newbie? I wanna know 🙂


Festive Juices

Below are some wonderful ideas for those who are juicing through the Christmas season. Even though I’m not on a re-boot right now, I know so many of you are and are worried about staying on track, while everyone’s eating all the things. You can drink all the things.


Try Joe’s Festive green and gold juice. The Aussie Green and Aussie Gold juice are sure to be a favorite. The Aussie Gold is a nice treat. All you can taste is the pineapple. Check out his Seasonal Winter Juice. The ingredients are making me hungry!!!

All about Juicing has a few tasty recipes. The Green Christmas juice looks good, however, I would add more veggies to it like : kale or spinach and possibly a cucumber.

The Food Babe has Ravishing Red juice That sounds amazing, apples, beets, cucumber plus other veggies, and that color? Looks refreshing!

Kris Carr’s Make Juice not war green drink is a nice smooth drink and calls for pea sprouts. You have time to sprout some if you start today 🙂 This is something I’m going to make Christmas morning. It’s also a nice shade of green! Also check out her Green Goddess juice– yummy.

Juice Recipes for your health has a Radiant Red juice. It’s kinda like The Food Babe’s but different and looks like you should make this too. Can you have too many red juices?

Gourmande In The Kitchen has a beautiful deep red juice. Ravishingly Red Juice I’m pretty sure it’s the pomegranate’s that add that little sexy sexy.

The Juice Master Jason has the Anti-oxidant King juice that looks good. I have no idea how one would juice a banana, but I guess you put it in a blender along with berries then mix everything together? Well, that’s how I would do it. Let me know if you have been able to juice a banana.

Stay strong this holiday season. If you haven’t already maybe turn to face book for some support. I suggest this one: Reboot With Joe Cross. (If the link doesn’t work for you then search for Reboot With Joe Cross: Juicing And Changing Your Life in fb’s search bar) This isn’t actually Joe’s fb support group, but its an excellent support group all the same. Members seem to be all on the same page, and admins are great- if you want to spam, troll or just don’t want to play nicely, you will be sure to find yourself deleted and blocked from the group. I joined this group when I did my first reboot back in Aug, and the amount of love I got was amazing. I felt like I could ask anything juice related and I got the answers I needed! I never felt like I failed because I had a smoothie one night, or because I didn’t follow the 80/20 rule of thumb.

How many of you are juicing through Christmas? I apologize for the food porn I will be posting. Just book mark those pages for when your reboot, fasting, is over 🙂


Juicy Luv to you all!