The Engine 2, 7-day Rescue Diet

They asked if 7 days could rescue your health, I know it can. Why don’t you take control of your health now? This free 7 day challenge starts tomorrow, Jan 4th. To learn more about it and to sign up go to their site Engine 2 Diet. They have a Facebook group as well. 

So join me and take control of your health, your future. 

Help Yourself Cookbook Review

My daughter and I received a copy  of Help Yourself Cookbook by Ruby Roth, from Andrews McMeel Publishing. It has 60 plus recipes- which are easy for kids to follow along, and perfect for the parents who are trying teach their kids how to cook for the first time, or the first time that kids are cooking by themselves. Yes there’s recipes where you need to watch them, unless they are comfortable in using the stove top by themselves.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” Anonymous**

I asked my daughter some questions, because I wanted to know what she thought about the book and it turned into an interview. So, I’m sharing with you all. An 8 year old’s perspective of the book.

Q1.  What was your fav recipe so far in Help Yourself Cookbook?

E. The bright water, the strawberry flavor.

Q2. Why was it your favorite?

E. Because it was good, refreshing.

Q3. What recipe do you want to try next?

E. Sweet and sour cucumber salad. I love cucumbers, they’re yummy.

Q4. What is your fav food/meal?

E. I love snacking on strawberries, and I also look forward to pizza for dinner.

Q5. What food/meal do you dislike the most?

E. Peas- they don’t taste good. (makes a face like she’s gagging on them)

Q6. Do you find yourself wanting to try new foods when you can cook?

E. Yes, because I’ve helped make it.

Q7. How do you think other kids will like Help Yourself Cookbook?

E. I guess about 90% would like it.

Q8.  Did you find the instructions clear and easy to follow? Or did you think they didn’t make sense?

E. Most of them were easy. The toasted Tidbits was more difficult, because the stove was hot.

Q9. What would you tell the other kids about this book and working in the kitchen?

E  It’s fun. The worst part is you have to wash your hands, but you get to sample as you cook.

Q10. What advice would you give parents?

E. Let us measure out the ingredients that’s 1/2 the fun!

Q11.. If you could say or ask Ruby anything, what would it be?

E. “Can you please make a book with sonic cookies. Keep making good books and recipes”

P.S My daughter, E, would love your autograph 🙂

I love the encouraging intro, it gets kids excited to roll up their sleeves, and get cooking. Ruby explains some of the ingredients most kids or even some adults don’t know what it is- never mind on what it’s used in (like nutritional yeast, quinoa). Ruby talks about safety. Rule #1 made me smile, Ruby doesn’t want to get a time out with your child.

Help Yourself cookbook, illustrated by Ruby- has Drinks, Condiments Sauces and dips, smaller meals, bigger meals, salad’s and dressings, desserts.

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Ruby Roth’s website is We Don’t Eat Animals. Follow her on facebook, Instagram, We don’t eat animals on Instagram and twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #HelpYourselfCookbook when posting your pictures online.

Check out her other books for kids: V is for Vegan. The ABC’S of being kind

That’s why we don’t eat animal’s

Vegan is Love

Do you cook with your kids in the kitchen? Let us know, drop us a line.

** Taken from Help Yourself Cookbook

Another week another challenge 

Inspired by The Food Duo’s recent posts about 30.00 dollar a week Trader Joe’s challenge, I decided to do my own challenge which I want to invite you to try. I decided that since my pantry is stocked, fridge and freezer are full- I’m not going to buy any groceries for a week. I’m guilty of seeing a recipe and thinking oh I must buy “red peppers” because the recipe calls for them, meanwhile my green pepper gets overlooked. Poor green pepper, I’m sure it cries wondering why it’s not getting any love. So, I’m putting an end to that. Green peppers deserve some love. And who cares anyways a pepper is a pepper. Unless they are calling for a hot pepper.

Mon’s meal was a potato, rice and lentil mixture, made in the IP- very easy.

Tues’s meal was pasta with red sauce with garlic bread and the Best EVER Caesar salad by Kelly and Erin, you can find that in their new book Made With Love. They own a bakery called  Kelly’s Bake Shoppe,  Located at 401 Brant Street Burlington, ON L7R2E9. I might take a road trip, just to visit.

Wed’s meal was fries, veggie burgers and chick*n strips. I ate that during #veganfoodchat, which is every Sun and Wed at 8 EST on twitter, (come and join the fun! They are also on Facebook) finally one chat that didn’t make me hungry 😉

Thurs’s meal: a risotto, with asparagus and peas, which was really yummy.

Fri’s meal: leftovers.

Baked goodies: ninja cookies from Protein Ninja. Sorry no recipe but check out Terry Romero for some recipe ideas. (Here’s a link I wrote about these Cookies)

Here are a few links to recipes that I highly recommend (the veggie burgers and chick*n strips are gardein brand). All links being posted are ones I normally make and freeze well. In fact you should make a double batch and you can have Make ahead meals. Be sure to check out Vegan in the freezer for the how-to of storing your food properly and for more meal ideas.

Dreena Burton has a wonderful hide the lentil pasta sauce that is rich and gives your noodles love, it’s nice and thick which I love. I can’t share that recipe with you, but you can find it in her book Eat, Drink and be Vegan. If you don’t have it, you should. The recipe I can share with you- would be her Nutty veggie burgers. These hold up really well. I’ve made both patties and balls with the mixture. Her chocolate chip cookies are the bomb.

Laura Theodore has a recipe for Dad’s Marinara sauce, which is perfect for all your pasta needs. It hugs your noodles perfectly, and it’s slurpy so make sure you have a napkin because you will get some sauce on your chin when you slurp your spaghetti noodles, unless you eat your pasta Lady and the Tramp style 😉

What I ended up buying this week was- a loaf of bread, ketchup, tea, veggie burgers and toothpaste. I spent $17.56. Even though I did spend money when I wasn’t going to, I still consider this a win. I didn’t need to buy the ketchup- but it was on sale 🙂 As you can see my family and I ate very good this week and healthy for the most part. Sometimes you need a burger, chicken fingers and fries.

The Protein Ninja Book Review

There are two parts, to The Protein Ninja by Terry Hope Romero:  Enter the protein ninja, and the recipes.

Part one: Welcome to the Protein Ninja, which explains what protein powders are and what they do. Pea protein powder, brown rice protein powder and hemp protein powder. Most of the recipes use pure, unflavored, unenriched plant based protein powders , the only exception would be the soy based smoothie bowls… yes smoothie bowls which have flavored powders. Think delicious ice cream for breakfast, only it’s a smoothie.

The protein Ninja pantry, because let’s face it, if you want to  be a real ninja you must learn how to stock your pantry properly. She also has guides for cooking and freezing.

Part 2: The recipes. I made a comment about this *is* the book that you should give a copy (or mention the name of this book) to every one who asks “But how do you get your protein.?” Let’s face it, we get enough good protein without the disadvantages of everything that comes with eating animals. One person said the book sounds good, but read a review that says Terry calls for a lot for powders. Well, that made check out all the recipes and see just how many recipes can be made with just nut, soy or legumes. There’s about 28 recipes that can be made without buying (assuming you don’t already have the powdered proteins). There’s a 100 recipes, so that’s more than a 1/4 of this book, that can be made with what you already have on hand.

I didn’t have any protein powders at home when I first received this book, and look what I made, this is a soy based protein dish- as it calls for soy. Baked veggie pan omelet:


This was really good! And of course you could add any seasonal veggies that you have on hand. But listen to these other dishes: Early bird scramble, chickpea pesto tomato toast, Tempeh bacon strips, tempeh apple sausage patties, chocolate hazelnut chickdate toast, 5- spice chickpea peanut noodle bowl, creamy tomato tofu curry with cilantro garbanzo bread- I’m just touching on a few, and now I have made myself hungry. (The dishes I just listed call for nut, soy or legume protein.) Once I buy brown rice flour, I’m going to be making chocolate chip ninja cookies. There’s also a hemp brownie recipe- no drugs involved.  Korean tofu taco salad. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of recipes I want to try, and Terry delivers again!!


Do you have this book? What is your favorite recipe?

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Meal Plan Jan 11-17, 2016

Kathy Hester talks about Ginny McMeans‘s new book called The Make Ahead Vegan. Kathy was able to post a recipe from the book and I knew, I had to make them. Pizza rolls sounds great on a Friday night, or Sat night or any night. I’m even thinking this should be on your Game night menu plan along with the nacho’s.

Breakfast Banana Cake

Lentil, carrot potato hash

Cashew rice bowl (GF)

Take pics and use the hashtag #veganinthefreezer so we can find you food porn pics 🙂



Jill Nussinow has a recipe on her blog from her new book Vegan Under Pressure, so we need to cook this:

Brussels sprouts with maple mustard sauce

Winter Veggie and Barley Soup

Sunny Spanish squash

Use the hashtag #theveggiequeen so we can find all the food!


Juice bar

An Energizing Green Juice

Mean green

Apple, carrot, lemon juice with a kick

use hashtag #flirtygirlsjuicebar so we can follow.

What did you make this week that you can’t get enough of? Me? All the fresh recipes!



Menu For Dec 6-12

I actually made everything this week, so I do have pictures. Everything I made can be found on line, so you will be able to make the dishes as well 🙂

I wanted a lasagna but didn’t want to make the ricotta cheeze, so when I found this recipe Pea and White Bean Puttanesca  from Laura Theodore’s website knew this would hit the spot. Noodles, peas, beans and homemade sauce- YES!! This will serve four people when you pair it with some garlic bread, and or a salad.



For the sauce, I used this Dad’s Marinara. This recipe is quick and easy and good! It’s a nice hearty sauce. I used onions and added about 5-6 cloves of garlic, because I love onion and garlic. This makes for an excellent dip as well. For pizza, bread, or grilled cheeze.



To make up a new dish so it wasn’t like eating left overs all week, I put some pea and white bean puttanesca in between two slices of bread, topped with chao cheeze and grilled it. Now that was tasty. I think next time I will use garlic butter instead of plain butter on the bread.


Kathy Hester has a new recipe for the instant pot. Don’t worry, she has a slow cooker method as well. This hits the spot considering I’ve had a cold, and feeling really lazy- so when I read that I only need to chop a few carrots, potatoes, onion, garlic and throw in some spices- cook it for 10 mins, I knew this was a must. Trust me, it was worth burning my lips to taste it before it cooled.



Today Dec 4 is national cookie day, so it’s only natural for me to turn to Dreena Burton and make her chocolate chip cookies. These bake in 11 mins, and it takes all of 20 mins to prep and bake. Word of caution, you might want to make a double batch if your kids are anything like mine- because they go fast. Here’s the link for the Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies. There’s a wheat-free, soy-free option.

I’m also going to be making home fries, some tofu dish and baking some bread, muffins and I’m wanting an apple/pear crisp, or apple/pear  cake or something fruity sweet and sinfully good. Kathy Hester posted this recipe not too long ago and I bought pears just for this Vegan Holiday Gingerbread Pear Crumble From OATrageous Oatmeals. Check out her site for the picture of it. I wish I could reach into the internets and grab that dish. I’m drooling.

All of the dishes I made had enough for left overs. I had to freeze the left over pasta sauce (stored in a mason jar) because I wasn’t planning on using it all. I’ve all put some soup in the freezer for a quick healthy option when I don’t feel like cooking. My meals for the week cost next to nothing. I did use canned beans, but normally I use my instant pot to cook them in.

For my juices this week, I made carrot, granny smith apple and lemon juice. So cheap right now. a 2lb bag of carrots 2.00, a 5lb bag of apples 3 something. Lemons were expensive they were 6.00 but there was at least 10 in the bag. (or they were .77 each)


Do you buy canned beans? Or do you buy a bag of beans and cook them?