Apple Cinnamon Gluten Free Oatmeal

Bob’s Red Mill kindly sent me some samples. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but will be posting as I try them. I made the apple cinnamon gluten free oatmeal the other day. Fill the cup to the indicator line, zap in microwave for a minute, let sit for 2 minutes. Breakfast in under 5 mins. I love that there’s real chunks of apples in it (not to mention there’s 8 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein). It’s so easy that my 8 year old can make this on her own. The oatmeal to go cups are satisfying. They fill you up without weighing you down. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or even a snack. Sweet, but not sickening sweet like some oatmeal packets. My only regret or disappointment is not saving this one to the last. I would recommend this oatmeal to everyone. You do not need to be gluten free to enjoy this, but to all my gluten free friends- if you haven’t tried this yet you should. It doesn’t taste gf- read it doesn’t taste like cardboard.

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For more information including how to order some- click here.


Enjoy Jazzy Peanut Butter Cups

Enjoy life foods sent out some dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free Dark Chocolate Morsels (click on link for more information about nutrition facts). Now what to use these for? Cookies? Banana bread? Brownies? Yes I was going to use these as a base in brownies, but since I just made brownies,using their brownie mix with teff flour and added semi sweet chocolate chips, I thought of a recipe I haven’t made in a long time. Peanut butter cups. The recipe is inspired by Laura Theodore the creator of The Jazzy Vegetarian. (Visit her site, she has lots of gluten free dishes that you can easily find. Love the ease of navigation of her site.) I use Wow Butter, but if you have an allergy with corn, or soy this product will not work for you. (allery info).

I have taken these peanut butter cups to potlucks (make sure to at LEAST double the recipe and you have about 2-4 pieces per person, that may still not be enough- they go fast), I’ve made them as a treat for the kids and I. They travel great for picnics (add ice packs if the weather is really hot). They are simple to make. Laura’s recipe calls for 3 ingredients. Mine calls for 4. I miss the Easter chocolate, the kind with the crisps in it. So, of course I added some Natures Path cripsy rice cereal to the mix. I make half the way the recipe as is, then the other half I add the crisps.

*Peanut Butter Cups

I got 17 mini cups out of this. But I don’t fill the liners all the way to the top.

3/4 to 1 cup dark chocolate morsels chocolate chips

1/3 cup Wow butter or any peanut butter that works for your family.

1/4  scant cup Rice Krispies

1 teaspoon maple syrup

Line a mini-muffin tin with paper liners. Put the chocolate chips in a pot over medium-low heat. (Watch it and keep stiring) When the chocolate has melted, remove from the heat. Put the peanut butter and maple syrup in a medium bowl and stir  to thoroughly combine. Pour the chocolate into the peanut butter mixture and (add the crispy cereal if you want it in all the cups) stir until smooth and well blended. Then divide  the chocolate–peanut butter mixture among the prepared muffin cups. After I get about half the mixture in the cups, I add my cereal. Freeze for 20 minutes, then transfer to the refrigerator and chill for at least 30 minutes more before serving. Keep them cool. Stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, the clusters will keep for about four days. If and that’s a HUGE if, IF you have left overs you can also freeze them.

For another twist on these cups, forget about the cereal and use chunky Wow Butter. Love how it tastes like there’s little pieces of nuts in it- but they are a nut free company.

The best part of making these? Other than my 8 year old can do this without much help? Is that any paper liner work. So go ahead and buy those cute holiday themed liners from the dollar store (you know the kind that loves to cling onto your muffins and wreck them?). The cups come out of these liners perfectly. Save the parchment liners for the baked goodies you want to look pretty for those bake sales, or guests.

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I love how the dark chocolate compliments the peanut butter. Its nice and rich and tastes sinful. The semi sweet chocolate makes it taste like the original Reese’s pb cups, only no animals were harmed for your pleasure.

*I was given permission to use Laura’s recipe on our site. I have modified it for the purposes of showing you how I have taken her recipe and adding a new twist to it. For the full recipe and how she makes hers- visit her site at Jazzy Vegetarian.  Thank you Laura!!

This treat tastes better than my pics look 🙂

What is your favourite chocolate treat?