Earths General Store


When I was visiting Edmonton, I wanted to support a local independent store and found Earths General. I highly recommend the store- not only because they have lower prices than chain stores, but I when I walked in, it just felt like I was visiting family. Michael has such an energy- a charismatic personality, you can tell he cares about people and their needs. I hate to use the word cashier, but the person running the til- was fantastic, full of energy- friendly, treated me like a friend she hasn’t seen in over 10 years without being fake. You know *that* attitude in other stores? Where you swear they are working only for commission?

Thank you Michael and family for offering an environment for the haters of shopping to actually enjoy shopping! I can’t wait to visit you again- p.s, let us know when you get the gardein pizza pockets!

Here’s a sampling of some vegan goodies in store- not all products shown are vegan, just ignore that part- just look at all the vegan deliciousness.

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Do you have a hometown store in your town or city that you love? Please let us know, we love to support local businesses even if we don’t live there. Without them, the town/city seems so cold. We need people to bring a Cheer’s like feeling. Everyone should be saying your name when you walk in 🙂

Pizza Pie Get In My Mouth

Sometimes surfing SM sites can be very dangerous, you don’t know what is out there – lurking, in the shadows, just waiting and waiting and waiting to lure you in…. with offers of pleasure, promises of never letting you down- enticing photo’s. Some times it’s a  HUGE let down. Other times, it’s pure bliss.

Yesterday, I came across a post that brought me pure bliss. I could taste the flavours before even trying it. As I read, I knew I needed to make pizza. That’s right! What was waiting for me yesterday was a recipe for a tangy garlicky white pizza sauce.

Around the same time I was reading it, Kayla calls. I tell her all about it. (yes, we chat about food, boys, and clothes all the time like teenagers. Only we’re old enough to know better, yet young enough to do it again) I said the sauce is easy to make, and dough is simple. She’s like “for you maybe……” I said “well it is, if you have an hour to let it rise, then you can do this easily without any type of planning.” She says “You have a dough maker?” I paused, and answered “No, but I do have my Kitchen Aid stand mixer to do all the work for me.” Yeah, sometimes I forget about those who don’t have certain kitchen gadgets. I love my kitchen toys and would DIE without them.

I’m going to share with you, where I found this masterpiece. Go over to Ginny’s blog aka vegan in the freezer for Vegan white pizza sauce and make some. Tomorrow is Friday, so movie and pizza date night.

Check this out. I put broccoli, onion, Brussels sprouts, green peppers and pineapple on it. The sweetness from the pineapple and the tang from the sauce really compliments each other. I really want to stuff my face with the whole pizza. But I did show some will power not to eat all of it. That was hard to do. Here’s some pics to tease your taste buds. Go ahead and lick the screen, I know your are drooling right about now 😉


Left to right: Before the oven, hot out of the oven (yes, I couldn’t wait for it to cool. My finger tips may or may not have been injured in the process- but hey, hot pizza) and I took some of the white pizza sauce and drizzled it on the slice to the left, and took left over homemade pizza sauce and kinda just plunked it on the pizza. I had some of my garlic dip left over (I know right? so surprising). Each bite I took was power packed with  delightful flavour bliss. Some say chocolate is better than sex? WRONG- this pizza is better than sex.

Left to right: Me dipping my pizza into the dip, and the white sauce. I didn’t have any fresh basil, so I used dried. I also used my vitamix as I didn’t pre soak the nuts. Next time I think I will use a few cloves of garlic instead of powered. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Do you like red or white sauce on your pizza?





Getting sauced with the Easy Vegan Cookbook

I wanted to make Kathy Hester’s one pot veggie vodka pasta – so I made her Mushroom, red pepper pasta sauce. No shrooms though- the first and last time I had them- I was at old man’s bar and thought a of couple guys were sailors. Yeah ok- not the mushrooms Kathy calls for- I was just trying to be funny. I just don’t care for mushrooms. But the sauce is still great! You can find the recipe on page 85 of the easy vegan cookbook.


The sauce took about 1/2 hour to make, and it’s very good! If I was in a hurry to make the pasta, I would make it the sauce a day ahead of time.

Random thought: I do not like my can opener  the dollar store ones are better, unless I just ended up with a dud


Anyway, back to the pasta.


Throw everything into 1 pot. I used a wok.


15 mins later, I was eating this hearty, tasty, easy meal!! This is going into rotation. If you don’t want to use Vodka you can leave it out- but I’m sure it adds a depth of flavour.

If you want to try this pasta for yourself- head over to Richa’s site. Seriously, if you have 15 mins, you have time to make this. I’m sure the left overs will be great!! And not only was the dish easy to make- ONE pot to clean…. Perfect! If you have a copy of the Easy Vegan Cookbook flip to page 90.

Halloween 2015

I love Halloween, actually I love anything that involves parties and food. We celebrated Halloween on Nov 1, due to a personal choice. No, I didn’t take my kids out to knock on doors to beg strangers for candy that would still be around come Easter. Instead, I made some yummy food from Kathy Hester’s The Ghoulish Gourmet, So good- in fact, I’m cooking out of this book year round. Crackers can be shaped as anything you want them to be. The potato soup would work on St. Patrick’s day because it’s green (but seriously, I don’t think you need a reason to make this soup- just do it, your taste buds thank you) and the mummies- would be a great meal, paired with something light and fresh- like a salad.

On Sat, I made Vegan Halloween Dessert: Gruesome Forbidden Rice Mousse. Rice and chocolate. Do I really need to say more? This is rich and sinful but oh so worth it! I didn’t let it cool down before eating a big spoonful of it. It’s not pretty to look at, but that’s the point- it was Halloween Baby!!!!


I also made Black of the night Black bean soup…. it’s cooked in the crock pot. It’s as simple as opening beans, and throwing some spices in. And the taste? It tastes like you slaved all day making it. Again, not pretty- but that’s the point 🙂 You can find the recipe in The Ghoulish Gourmet.

imageI also made Dreena Burton’s Hide the Lentils pasta sauce. (I’m going to be making the mummies again because they are really good.) This is my go to sauce. I’ve tried others, but this one is thick, hearty and leaves you wanting more. I highly suggest you eating it with some bread- garlic bread in fact, just so you can get every last bit of sauce off your plate.


You can find the recipe on page 129 of Eat, Drink Be Vegan.

And the weekend wouldn’t be complete without………. you got it CUPCAKES!! I made the golden vanilla ones from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World, By Isa. My daughter doesn’t like chocolate chips, but my son does. So, half are plain, and half has chocolate chips. BOTH are delish, and my kids are lucky I love them- that’s *the* only reason I shared 😉


You can buy the book here Click me to buy me 🙂

How was your Halloween. What treats did you make? Or did you turn off all the lights, snuggle under the blanket eating popcorn and watching scary movies all night?

One last thing I want to leave you with: Pro Tip- always use parchment paper when baking (or cooking). The cute holiday themed liners didn’t want to part with the cupcake. With parchment paper, you never have to struggle or put the call out to the jaws of life to save your cupcakes. Learn from me people. (you know I will use the cute themed liners again, I’m a sucker for them)

Girls just wanna bake cupcakes

pulled out an old favourite last night


Cupcakes take over the world. My daughter and I got to work. We used the recipe Golden Vanilla Cupcakes found on page 33. Simple, quick, and hits the spot after a long and exhausting week.

If I had ice cream I would have a few scoops, but since I don’t- we decided to put sprinkles in them. How fun and cute?!


Here’s a recipe that is really close to what I used. Mine didn’t call for vanilla bean though. Enjoy 🙂 Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

What’s your fav cupcake recipe?