Breakfast Is Ready

This is my brekkie today: Mostly greens juice (black kale, chard, spinach, cucumber, golden beet, parsnip and a squeeze of lemon juice), a crispy, crunchy Fuji apple and 2 wee little juicy mandarins that had quite the kick to them – almost like sucking on a lemon – yep, I tried that before just because…don’t tell meContinue reading “Breakfast Is Ready”

Juice Rainbow

This is what those delicious fruits and veggies looked like after it settled and before I gave it a quick shake again: LOL…I never said I was a great picture taker.  It actually is green on top, purplish in the middle and green on the bottom.  It is prettier than it looks and tastes simply divine. Continue reading “Juice Rainbow”

Peachy Keen Mostly Green Juice

This is my Wednesday juice of choice.  I call it my Peachy Keen Mostly Green juice. Spinach – 2 handfuls (because I have small hands) Romaine lettuce – 2 medium-sized leafs Cucumber – 1/2 Celery Stalk – 1/2 Granny Smith apple – 1 (washed, quartered, cored) Red peach – 1  (washed, pitted) Squeeze of lemonContinue reading “Peachy Keen Mostly Green Juice”

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