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Breakfast Is Ready

This is my brekkie today:


Mostly greens juice (black kale, chard, spinach, cucumber, golden beet, parsnip and a squeeze of lemon juice), a crispy, crunchy Fuji apple and 2 wee little juicy mandarins that had quite the kick to them – almost like sucking on a lemon – yep, I tried that before just because…don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s dunnit – you know what they say about curiosity.  🙂


Juice Rainbow

This is what those delicious fruits and veggies looked like after it settled and before I gave it a quick shake again:


LOL…I never said I was a great picture taker.  It actually is green on top, purplish in the middle and green on the bottom.  It is prettier than it looks and tastes simply divine.  🙂

Peachy Keen Mostly Green Juice

This is my Wednesday juice of choice.  I call it my Peachy Keen Mostly Green juice.

Peachy Keen

Spinach – 2 handfuls (because I have small hands)

Romaine lettuce – 2 medium-sized leafs

Cucumber – 1/2

Celery Stalk – 1/2

Granny Smith apple – 1 (washed, quartered, cored)

Red peach – 1  (washed, pitted)

Squeeze of lemon


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