Today’s lunch:

Greenleaf lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, red/green/orange/yellow bell peppers.  Salad dressing:  1tsp evoo, drop/two of coconut oil, chopped garlic, pinch salt, dash or three black pepper, drop/two Worcestershire (<— aren’t you impressed I can spell that? 😉 ) sauce.

My Choice Of Healthy, Nutritious Snacks

These are my snacks for the day – washed, sliced and ready to go after I have my morning juice.


Purchased from No Frills…green, yellow, red and orange bell peppers, baby carrots and grape tomatoes.  As soon as I come home from the store, I wash, slice and put in a Starfrit container so if I get ‘munchie’, or feel like grazing, they are right there ready to go.