Pineapple, Beet and Ginger – Whoa!

The good peeps from Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes sent this one out from

It tastes just as delicious as it looks:


Breakfast Is Ready

This is my brekkie today:


Mostly greens juice (black kale, chard, spinach, cucumber, golden beet, parsnip and a squeeze of lemon juice), a crispy, crunchy Fuji apple and 2 wee little juicy mandarins that had quite the kick to them – almost like sucking on a lemon – yep, I tried that before just because…don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s dunnit – you know what they say about curiosity.  🙂

Happy Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning delicious!  This is a modified version of the Immunity Power Juice by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. from his cookbook Eat To Live…

I used:

Immunity Power

2 large red Russian kale leaves

1 large carrot

2 stalks bok choy

1 grannie smith apple, cut into quarters and cored

1 beet (the one I had on hand was a golden beet – hence the colour of the juice)

Stay tuned for what I did with some of the juice…besides drink it…