The Secret Life Of Squirrels: A Love Story 

Follow Canadian, Nancy Rose wrote this book, and the squirrels in her backyard are the stars in this story.
Mr. Peanuts was lonely and feeling down, after making a wish, he went to the book store where he…… you’ll need to read the book to find out what happens.
It’s a cute story line, with impressive photographs. Nancy has her camera set up at all times so she can capture the moment. She creates most of the sets herself; sometimes her family and friends give her props they think she would need or want.
One of my favorite scenes is the wishing well, my daughter liked the photograph of Mr. Peanuts was in the bookstore. This is what Em had to say about the book “The end was a bit crazy, but he got his wish. Who falls in love with someone they just met?”
Em gives the book 7/10 peanuts, I give it a 9/10 peanuts only because I could read that book forever.
This would make a great book for bedtime, or for home reading. I’m trying to think of what age group I’d recommend this for, but it’s enjoyable for all ages. From baby’s story time to children learning to read to grown up’s who enjoy reading to children. Thank you Hachette Book Group for sending out a copy of this book and introducing us to Nancy and Mr. Peanuts.
You can pre-order The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story from Amazon. While you’re there check out her other two books Merry Christmas, Squirrels! and The Secret Life of Squirrels .
To find out more about Nancy, check out her Flickr page- be prepared to spend a few hours looking at all the photos without realizing it, and her Facebook page.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as we did. Oh btw I showed this book to the librarian at school and she was in awe of how beautiful this book is 😀


Sprouts Live Well With Living Foods- a book review and recipe 

Why should you sprout? Well, you can control the environment it’s growing in. It’s also incredibly healthy. I know a lot of people who think that they don’t have the time, or that it’s hard. The truth of the matter is- it’s extremely easy and it takes longer to brew a pot of coffee, or to make a tea, juice, or smoothie. So you have time. I know it sounds intimidating if you have never tried to sprout seeds, beans or nuts before. I did a lot of research before the first time I tried. I wish Sprouts was out years ago. And here’s why……

Sprouts by Ian Giesbrecht, also known by Ini has compiled a book that’s packed with everything you want to know about sprouting.

Ian gets into the science of sprouting, what you can sprout and the method, what to be aware of. Sprouting charts, resources and recipes. There’s a glossary so you don’t need to go to google for answers.  All this information is packed into a book with about 124 pages, it may be small, but it’s resourceful.

With permission from Microcosm Publishing I’m able to share a recipe with you 🙂 Enjoy this nice, cold, refreshing green smoothie.

Green Smoothie


This is an infinitely and delicious option. Whatever sprouts or microgreens you have can combine well with numerous fruits, juices, and seed. Here is a guideline to get you started. Play around, have fun, and enjoy the healthful creative process.


1 to 2 large handfuls of microgreens

1 small handful sprouted seeds or nuts

Juice, water, rejuvelac or other liquid.


Blend and ingest.

Ian, a fellow  Canadian, has travelled the world learning about different food cultures. He currently lives in Southern Missouri. His partner and Ian are developing and cultivating an edible and medicinal perennial ecosystem.

There was some information missing on page 119- but you can find the info on Microcosm Publishing’s site, along with a few more recipes.

Do you sprout already? Or are you a newbie? I wanna know 🙂


Sam’s Harvest Jerky

If I told you I’m embarrassed by how many packs of Sam’s Harvest Jerky I munched through that would be a lie. Take your favorite snack, you know the one you always HAVE to have,  maybe went to different stores or sent someone else to buy it for you because you don’t want people to judge? Yeah- Ok now times that by…. Ummm…. What is the highest number out there? Yeah, that’s how I feel about this insanely addictive snack.

The package says and I quote “Sam’s Harvest Jerky is the way to lasting energy for conquering mountains, crossing rivers, or navigating concrete jungles.” That is true, but I need to add that in the middle of kids fighting, the phone ringing, being buried under a mountain of paperwork, the boss nagging you about the looming deadline- Sam’s Harvest Jerky is my little piece of oasis. One bite of this and my taste buds will tune out  all that background noise and turn it into my happy place.

It has a nice mild yet slightly spicy blissful taste to it. If you wanted more heat, I’m sure you can always dip it in the rooster sauce. But why ruin a good thing? According to the (nutritional) facts it serves 4. This is where I doubt them. There’s no way it could possibly serve four. But maybe that’s  my greed of not wanting to share or save them for later.  I mean the whole bag is only 440 calories.

There’s 4 servings (1 oz, 28 grams) only 110 calories. Calories from fat 45. 7 grams of protein (14% daily value) and 15% iron. For detailed info visit Butler Foods. It’s made from Butler Soy Curls (whole non-GMO soybeans), oil (safflower, soy), unsulphured molasses, vinegar, organic tamari, hydrolyzed corn protein, maltodextrin, hydrolyzed soy protein, natural smoke flavour, onion dried, red pepper, carrageenan, garlic dried, citric acid, spices, potassium sorbate.

You can buy this from Butler Foods website, or if you get lucky like I did- you can find them in one of your favorite locally owned stores. Butler, did send me some to try, and sometimes I wish they didn’t. Jerky is something I wouldn’t normally buy, but seeing this was free I thought- why not try it? Now I’m hooked. More stores should carry this product.

I’m going to leave you with some eye candy – I need to grab another handful and go conquer the rest of my day.

Have you tried these before? If not, what are you waiting for?

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Gluten free Blueberry oats to go 

Bob’s Red Mill sent out some samples of their oats to go for me to try. So I decided on trying the blueberry and hazelnut with flax and chia. First of all- I have to warn you I am not a fan of blueberries. I don’t like the way they look, or turn my food to a different color – the texture, taste- sorry to those who are a fan of them- it just means more for you to eat.

With that being said, in my to go cup thankfully there was only maybe 6 pieces of little blueberries. I did try one, I found it to be undercooked and yes, I still don’t like blueberries. I did eat the rest of the oatmeal because I DID like the flavour of it. Loved the hazelnuts and appreciated the colouring from the blueberries it made plain oatmeal look berry pretty. (Yes, I did mean to say berry).

With 7 grams of fibre, 8g’s of protein, 10% iron-  you can’t go wrong with this grab and go cup. Plus it takes a minute to cook, let sit for two minutes and boom- breakfast is done.

I can’t wait to try their maple and brown sugar next. But I’m saving it for last. I’m going to have the classic one first.

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If you haven’t read what I had to say about their apple cinnamon one yet, check out the pervious post. I wish that cup never ended. It was so good!!

What is your favourite flavour of oatmeal?

Another week another challenge 

Inspired by The Food Duo’s recent posts about 30.00 dollar a week Trader Joe’s challenge, I decided to do my own challenge which I want to invite you to try. I decided that since my pantry is stocked, fridge and freezer are full- I’m not going to buy any groceries for a week. I’m guilty of seeing a recipe and thinking oh I must buy “red peppers” because the recipe calls for them, meanwhile my green pepper gets overlooked. Poor green pepper, I’m sure it cries wondering why it’s not getting any love. So, I’m putting an end to that. Green peppers deserve some love. And who cares anyways a pepper is a pepper. Unless they are calling for a hot pepper.

Mon’s meal was a potato, rice and lentil mixture, made in the IP- very easy.

Tues’s meal was pasta with red sauce with garlic bread and the Best EVER Caesar salad by Kelly and Erin, you can find that in their new book Made With Love. They own a bakery called  Kelly’s Bake Shoppe,  Located at 401 Brant Street Burlington, ON L7R2E9. I might take a road trip, just to visit.

Wed’s meal was fries, veggie burgers and chick*n strips. I ate that during #veganfoodchat, which is every Sun and Wed at 8 EST on twitter, (come and join the fun! They are also on Facebook) finally one chat that didn’t make me hungry 😉

Thurs’s meal: a risotto, with asparagus and peas, which was really yummy.

Fri’s meal: leftovers.

Baked goodies: ninja cookies from Protein Ninja. Sorry no recipe but check out Terry Romero for some recipe ideas. (Here’s a link I wrote about these Cookies)

Here are a few links to recipes that I highly recommend (the veggie burgers and chick*n strips are gardein brand). All links being posted are ones I normally make and freeze well. In fact you should make a double batch and you can have Make ahead meals. Be sure to check out Vegan in the freezer for the how-to of storing your food properly and for more meal ideas.

Dreena Burton has a wonderful hide the lentil pasta sauce that is rich and gives your noodles love, it’s nice and thick which I love. I can’t share that recipe with you, but you can find it in her book Eat, Drink and be Vegan. If you don’t have it, you should. The recipe I can share with you- would be her Nutty veggie burgers. These hold up really well. I’ve made both patties and balls with the mixture. Her chocolate chip cookies are the bomb.

Laura Theodore has a recipe for Dad’s Marinara sauce, which is perfect for all your pasta needs. It hugs your noodles perfectly, and it’s slurpy so make sure you have a napkin because you will get some sauce on your chin when you slurp your spaghetti noodles, unless you eat your pasta Lady and the Tramp style 😉

What I ended up buying this week was- a loaf of bread, ketchup, tea, veggie burgers and toothpaste. I spent $17.56. Even though I did spend money when I wasn’t going to, I still consider this a win. I didn’t need to buy the ketchup- but it was on sale 🙂 As you can see my family and I ate very good this week and healthy for the most part. Sometimes you need a burger, chicken fingers and fries.

Soup’s On!

Yummy in the pot:

Yummy in the pot

Veggie broth (from last soup I made), garlic, onions, cabbage, Yu choy, stewed tomatoes, red kidney beans, black beans and rice noodles because I wanted something different from the usual potatoes – it was an excellent choice.  Spices – Curry, smoked paprika, s & p, crushed chilies, and oregano.

Yummy in a bowl and even yummier in my tummy:

Yummy in a bowl