Getting into the vodka

Today I decided to make homemade vanilla extract. So easy. Vanilla beans, vodka and time. How easy is that?!?! So easy.


I used this method from over at Smitten Kitchen. This is the first time I’ve made it- wish me luck 🙂

Have you made vanilla extract before?!


Carrot Juice, Apple Juice and Kale Juice

IMG_20151105_084322 (2)

I saw this done on Facebook and decided to give it a go.  I juiced one type of produce at a time:  Green apples to the left, Kale in the middle (what I had left), and Carrots to the right.  Then I saved the pulp from each type in it’s own freezer safe bag.  Now, I can mix and match this juice i.e. carrot, apple, kale or just carrot and apple with ginger or lemon or kale and carrot with lemon…you get the idea.  If I had more veggies I would have done more.  I will do the same for my lemons and ginger.  Happy juicing!

Quickie Friday- Quick Tip

I love to make fun food for the kids (and the kids at heart) and what is a fun way to eat cucumbers? Rippled of course. Eat them plain, will hold more dip because of the grooves if that’s the way you roll.

This gadget

image image

is really cheap. I bought it at Canadian Tire for under 5.00 about 4 years ago? I don’t know when I bought it- but it’s paid for itself. It’s the only tool I use when it comes to cutting cucumber. It’s sharper than a butter knife, but it’s not all that much sharper. I’ve used it to make rippled scalloped potatoes, cut carrots and celery as well. It makes food FUN!!

This is what rippled cucumber looks like

image image

Another quickie tip- keep veggies in a mason jar to keep them crisp longer.

If your kids come home asking for rippled cucumber – you now know exactly what they are talking about. You’re welcome 😄

What’s your fun tip when it comes to preparing veggies that your picky children love?

My Choice Of Healthy, Nutritious Snacks

These are my snacks for the day – washed, sliced and ready to go after I have my morning juice.


Purchased from No Frills…green, yellow, red and orange bell peppers, baby carrots and grape tomatoes.  As soon as I come home from the store, I wash, slice and put in a Starfrit container so if I get ‘munchie’, or feel like grazing, they are right there ready to go.