Very Berry Creamy Avocado Smoothie!

Chock full of antioxidants and has spinach and kale juice just for good measure:

Juiced some spinach and kale and added to that frozen berries…Strawberries, black currants, sweet cherries, blackberries, blueberries and red sour cherries.  Tossed in 1/2 frozen banana and a half an avocado:


Almost thick enough to eat with a spoon:


‘Berry’ delicious!


Pear Crisp

I’ve been wanting to make a crisp for sometime. I use to make the one from the Betty Crocker book, but since going vegan, I just couldn’t get it to taste “right”. I was stoked when I came across a post by Kathy Hester . Pears, oatmeal, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg. Can you smell the flavour already?! I knew when I was reading it, I could smell it. In fact if I was to sell a house, I’d whip one of these up before the viewings started.


This dish just takes your mind away and for me, I thought about happy childhood memories, sneaking down to shake Santa’s gifts before my parents woke up, or laughing with my brother while drinking a hot chocolate with whipped cream moustache’s placing bets on who’s marshmallows would melt the fastest, or trying to walk up a small ice covered hill, we kept falling down and laughing at each other. That’s right at each other and not with each other.


I had to sample this hot out of the oven- but when the kids go to bed, I’m going to put ice cream on it. I’m just not sharing tonight lol


I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I am. I used a mixture of pears and Granny Smith apples and didn’t use any more agave (I don’t really like sweet fruit for a crisp) Click on Kathy’s name if you already haven’t for the full recipe 🙂

What is your favourite fruit for a crisp?


Menu For Dec 6-12

I actually made everything this week, so I do have pictures. Everything I made can be found on line, so you will be able to make the dishes as well 🙂

I wanted a lasagna but didn’t want to make the ricotta cheeze, so when I found this recipe Pea and White Bean Puttanesca  from Laura Theodore’s website knew this would hit the spot. Noodles, peas, beans and homemade sauce- YES!! This will serve four people when you pair it with some garlic bread, and or a salad.



For the sauce, I used this Dad’s Marinara. This recipe is quick and easy and good! It’s a nice hearty sauce. I used onions and added about 5-6 cloves of garlic, because I love onion and garlic. This makes for an excellent dip as well. For pizza, bread, or grilled cheeze.



To make up a new dish so it wasn’t like eating left overs all week, I put some pea and white bean puttanesca in between two slices of bread, topped with chao cheeze and grilled it. Now that was tasty. I think next time I will use garlic butter instead of plain butter on the bread.


Kathy Hester has a new recipe for the instant pot. Don’t worry, she has a slow cooker method as well. This hits the spot considering I’ve had a cold, and feeling really lazy- so when I read that I only need to chop a few carrots, potatoes, onion, garlic and throw in some spices- cook it for 10 mins, I knew this was a must. Trust me, it was worth burning my lips to taste it before it cooled.



Today Dec 4 is national cookie day, so it’s only natural for me to turn to Dreena Burton and make her chocolate chip cookies. These bake in 11 mins, and it takes all of 20 mins to prep and bake. Word of caution, you might want to make a double batch if your kids are anything like mine- because they go fast. Here’s the link for the Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies. There’s a wheat-free, soy-free option.

I’m also going to be making home fries, some tofu dish and baking some bread, muffins and I’m wanting an apple/pear crisp, or apple/pear  cake or something fruity sweet and sinfully good. Kathy Hester posted this recipe not too long ago and I bought pears just for this Vegan Holiday Gingerbread Pear Crumble From OATrageous Oatmeals. Check out her site for the picture of it. I wish I could reach into the internets and grab that dish. I’m drooling.

All of the dishes I made had enough for left overs. I had to freeze the left over pasta sauce (stored in a mason jar) because I wasn’t planning on using it all. I’ve all put some soup in the freezer for a quick healthy option when I don’t feel like cooking. My meals for the week cost next to nothing. I did use canned beans, but normally I use my instant pot to cook them in.

For my juices this week, I made carrot, granny smith apple and lemon juice. So cheap right now. a 2lb bag of carrots 2.00, a 5lb bag of apples 3 something. Lemons were expensive they were 6.00 but there was at least 10 in the bag. (or they were .77 each)


Do you buy canned beans? Or do you buy a bag of beans and cook them?


Wacky Cake

I have no idea who invented this cake, but it is believed it had to do with rationing during the war. It can be topped with icing, ice cream, dusting of powered sugar, or just leave it plain. As tomorrow is Remembrance Day, I thought that this cake should be made. Once I bake it, there will be a picture or maybe two. But for now I leave you with a website so you can make it for yourself tomorrow.

This recipe is the closet that I can give you as mine can be found in the  Sarah Kramer’s go vegan app: Where’s The Revolution is where you can find it. I’m sure if you don’t want to use oil, sub it with applesauce or date paste (date paste is really easy to make- it’s basically soaked dates and mash them up into a paste)

What is your fave wacky cake recipe? Or even your go to cake recipe?

I should buy some wraps tomorrow, I’ve been eating a lot of treats. I blame my kids as they love my baking. I can blame them right? I don’t want to adult right now.