Veggie Cabbage Rolls and Spicy Roasted Potato Fries

What’s for dinner?  Veggie Cabbage Rolls and Spicy Roasted Potato Fries!  I learned the ‘how-to’ method for the cabbage rolls here:  Cabbage Rolls – Easy to Follow, Step by Step Tutorial – Jenny Jones.  I stuffed mine with sauteed onions & garlic & mashed potatoes and smothered in a homemade Marinara sauce inspired by:  Jazzyvegetarian-Dad’s Marinara.   The ‘how-to’ for the Spicy Roasted Potato Fries came from:  Spicy Roasted Potato Fries Recipe – Laura Vitale.  Everything was simple, quick and so tasty, filling and healthy.  (After the first bite or two, requests were made for more!)

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Frozen ‘Hot Chocolate’ Smoothie!

The name of the smoothie grabbed my attention so I had to give it a try.  It is as delicious as it sounds and super easy to do.  This came from the cookbook Vegetarian Times Everything Vegan.   The book has 250+ easy, healthy recipes…many of which I plan on trying 🙂




Gardein Pocket Meal

Gardein has gone and done it again!  I was gifted this gardein pocket meal to try and yummo!  If I had Frank’s Red Hot sauce, I would have splashed some on, but the pocket meal was delicious enough by itself.  Kale, barley, sun-dried tomatoes, non-gmo…what more could you ask for?  Another gardein winner in my book!

gardein pocket meals

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