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Vegetable curry teaser

Sorry, I can’t give you the recipe, but I need to tell everyone!! I made Ginny McMeans‘s vegetable curry from her book the make ahead vegan- I’m impressed! Love the little kick of heat- but it’s not overwhelming. And the smell?! It was hard not to sneak bites during cooking! This will be in rotation!!


There will be a full review of this book soon- plus a recipe. But I’m too busy for now making all the recipes 🙂

Do you like a little kick to your curry?



Book Review of Plant Powered Families


Over 100 kid tested- whole food vegan recipes, by Dreena Burton. OVER 100 recipes.

Part 1, there’s an intro to eating with plant power including Dreena’s story. A handy guide to what you should have in your pantry. And she talks about plant power batch cooking. I’m all for batch cooking. I know that I can go to my freezer and pull something out that’s healthful and not have to resort to some junky processed foods because I’m in a hurry.

Part 2: plant powered recipes

Sugar N spice cake pg 204, vanilla bean almond butter fudge pg. 197, no- bake granola bars pg, 190, “nicer” krispie squares pg. 186, natural berry jam pg. 179, chocolate chia pudding pg. 174, ultimate teriyaki stir fry pg. 166, tofu in cashew ginger sauce (I used the sauce over rice, but didn’t add the tofu- added chickpeas instead) pg.156, home fries pg. 152, balsamic glazed seasoned yam fries, mac-nificent pg.134, thick n hearty tomato sauce pg. 133, Creamy Fettuccine pg. 130, chick n rice soup pg. 126, sniffle soup pg.122, smoky bean chili pg.121, super cheesy sprinkle pg. 113, cheesy Caesar dressing pg. 106, red lentil hummus pg. 87, mild cheesy dip pg.83, chickpea nibbles pg. 77, chickpea salad pg. 64, apple spice hemp muffin pg. 52, best banana bread pg.48- just a few recipes that I have made. Click on the links for the recipes.

Part 3, challenges and solutions. Dreena has 3 kids so I’m pretty sure at some point she’s had some challenges during meals. She talks about the 3 C’s: consistent, certain and calm. Don’t give up. She offers sound advice and handy tips to help avoid the dinner table looking like a battlefield. Stuff like how to involve your children, get them interested, how to make it interesting to them and some of the culprits that might causing the food fight.

Who hasn’t had to face the “dreaded” bday invite? How should you deal with that? Without offending the host. Well there’s tips on how to handle not only that, but hosting your own plant power parties , with the most popular recipes kids love.

Part 4: Support, including DIY staples, cooking guides, meal plans and FAQ’s. I love how wholesome the menu plan is. There’s a nutritional breakdown, so you know that you are providing your family with all the nutrients they need.  She answers questions about protein, soy and so on. Has nutrient charts, did you know that 1/2 cup of brown rice has 2.5 g or 8% protein of calories? Now you do.

I think this is a MUST have book for anyone that has children, or watches children. Or even for those without kids.



Buy your copy here: Plant Powered Families*

What is your favorite Dreena recipe?

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Superbowl Menu

Game day is almost here, and it’s time to think about the food, because you need snacks.

The following are some of my fav recipes when it comes to lip smacking guilt free indulgence.

Richa’s mozza sticks or try vegan zombie cheese stix

Richa has a recipe for cauliflower bites with celery ranch dip because you need wings at your party.

Ginny’s white pizza sauce and she also has a pizza recipe on her site Vegan in the freezer. If you are not in the mood to make your own pizza crust, then check out Laura’s take on a fast flavorful pizza. Julie Hasson wrote a book all about pizza, she also has some Pizza recipes on her site. Or make some pizza pull apart buns, this cooks in your slow cooker so you’re not slaving.

Nacho’s are a MUST, so head on over to Dreena’s site the Plant powered kitchen for her to die for vegveeta dip. This is my go to sauce for nacho’s.

Laura Theodore the Jazzy Vegetarian has an easy recipe for peanut butter cups. The last time I made these, I added a few handfuls of rice krispies, the minions went over over them.

Somer over at Vedged Out has a recipe for Dad’s cowboys beans, which are simply divine. Maybe you fancy a lasagna? This can easily be made the day before, and just put it in the oven, set the timer, and forget about it until it’s ready. Lasagna can be that easy.

If you are wanting a chili recipe, then head on over to the Post Punk Kitchen. Isa show’s you how to make her meat beany chili with corn muffins. Don’t worry, there’s no meat in it, but it will fool meat lovers.

Take out the crock pot for this Chili  by Kathy Hester from healthy slow cooking.

How about some taco’s? Mighty migas a.k.a breakfast taco, Cheesy Sweet Potato & Chickpea Bowl with Lemon Tahini Sauce. Actually you can stuff any of your favorites into a taco. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll make a mac n cheese taco.

I’m not going to include juice recipes, just juice what is cheap in your area. BUT if you can buy watermelon that doesn’t require you to take out a second mortgage, then I suggest you juice that, with some lime. I’ve even added vodka to it 😉 But seriously, I love watermelon and lime together.

There are so many more recipes I could pull up for you, which I may add through out the week- but I don’t want to overwhelm you. No matter what recipe you go with, you can’t go wrong. I’ve made everyone of them and they are all delish!!

What team are you rooting for?