My 2015 reflection *cheers*

A reflection back on 2015:

Not a smooth year, it had ups and downs. It went by way too quickly. My kids are getting older giving me insight to what teenage years could be like- yikes!

I’m grateful for opportunities to be able to be a recipe tester for people I admire and who are still teaching me new things!

I’ve been in taste bud overload with all the new book releases this year. Some I’ve followed for some time, others i’m wondering where the heck have you been all my life?

I’ve been lucky to win some books this year! That’s always a bonus! Sure some people don’t think it’s much- but between recipe testing, meeting new authors/chefs, winning books- this is like winning the lotto!

Least but not last, I’m happy to have met you! Let’s make 2016 even better!! Cheers to the new and old friends!!

I’m working on a few projects in the next few months which- all I can say is really exciting!! If this is all a dream- don’t pinch me, I don’t want to wake up lol (and I hope I can do this all year long)

May your 2016 be better than 2015, take time for your family, friends and yourself! Celebrate the little things, they can turn into bigger and greater things!

And don’t be a fool- don’t drink and drive, you may not think your life is worth it- but the person who’s life you take IS!


Juicy release(s)

Juice Guru Steve and Julie Prussack have a book coming out called Juice Guru: Transform Your Life with One Juice a Day*. This book is scheduled to hit the shelves in March. I’ve looked around his site and I noticed he says you can juice strawberries. Still for the life of me, I don’t see how this is possible. The recipes on his site do look really good, and would keep you happy during a re-boot.


I love this quote on “WARNING: side effects include clarity of mind, weight loss, self-appreciation, and the desire to wink at innocent bystanders.” That’s how they are describing The Squeeze: Simply RAWnchy Detox Juices, Smoothies, Clean Eats & Treats* by KARLIIN BROOKS. The cover of the book is pretty flirty itself, this is going to be out in Jan. Only a few more days. If the warning doesn’t motivate you to stay on track with your cleanse, re-boot, I really don’t know what will. Karliin is a life long vegan who lives and plays in New York. You can read more about her by visiting her site, or click here for locations.



Note* the pictures are from and contain affiliate links.

Have you heard about any good juicing books that are scheduled for release in 2016?

New Book Release

I was doing a search to see what books were being released over the next few months, and some big names have tasty looking books coming out. Here are some books I think you should buy based on their previous work.

Who doesn’t know Jill Nussinow, aka The Veggie Queen? Her last book The New Fast Foods was a HUGE hit. Well, she’s releasing Vegan Under Pressure* in Jan 2016……. You can use a stove top pressure cooker or the instant pot. I know lots of you got an IP for Christmas, now you can put it to good use  🙂 Check out Jill’s site The Veggie Queen for recipes, tips, to buy her books.



Ginny Kay McMeans is the host of Vegan In The Freezer*. I  got excited when I heard she’s coming out with a book. This lady is amazing, she tells you how to make healthful meals ahead of time, tells you exactly how you should be storing your food and she makes batch cooking easy. Her new book being released in Jan 2016 is called Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook: 125 freezer friendly recipes. This would make a perfect gift for anyone you know  that is having a baby this year, or under going surgery or going through something where they may not have the time to make a meal, but has the time to cook something off.


Terry Hope Romero’s 8th book is called Protein Ninja*. It has about 100 protein packed flavorful recipes to help you menu plan, make your friends jealous, and get some talk happening around the water cooler. No, I have not made any of these recipes, but, have you heard about Cupcakes Take Over The World or Veganomicon? How about Vegan Eats World? Just a few of the titles she wrote or co-wrote, and those books are amazing…. so why would this be any different? Check out Terry’s site Vegan Latina for books, recipes, news, events- did I mention recipes? Her new book is available for pre-order and will be hitting the shelves in Feb 2016.


Robin Robertson’s 100 Best Vegan Recipes*  will be hitting the shelves in March 2016. Did you know Robin has written over 20 books? Wow that lady is busy. But glad she is because that means more treats for us 🙂 I’m still working through her latest book, Cook  The Pantry. But I’m looking forward to this release. Head on over to Robin’s site for recipes, to find out more about her.


What book catches your eye? I want all of them 🙂

Note* the pictures are from and contain affiliate links.

Festive Juices

Below are some wonderful ideas for those who are juicing through the Christmas season. Even though I’m not on a re-boot right now, I know so many of you are and are worried about staying on track, while everyone’s eating all the things. You can drink all the things.


Try Joe’s Festive green and gold juice. The Aussie Green and Aussie Gold juice are sure to be a favorite. The Aussie Gold is a nice treat. All you can taste is the pineapple. Check out his Seasonal Winter Juice. The ingredients are making me hungry!!!

All about Juicing has a few tasty recipes. The Green Christmas juice looks good, however, I would add more veggies to it like : kale or spinach and possibly a cucumber.

The Food Babe has Ravishing Red juice That sounds amazing, apples, beets, cucumber plus other veggies, and that color? Looks refreshing!

Kris Carr’s Make Juice not war green drink is a nice smooth drink and calls for pea sprouts. You have time to sprout some if you start today 🙂 This is something I’m going to make Christmas morning. It’s also a nice shade of green! Also check out her Green Goddess juice– yummy.

Juice Recipes for your health has a Radiant Red juice. It’s kinda like The Food Babe’s but different and looks like you should make this too. Can you have too many red juices?

Gourmande In The Kitchen has a beautiful deep red juice. Ravishingly Red Juice I’m pretty sure it’s the pomegranate’s that add that little sexy sexy.

The Juice Master Jason has the Anti-oxidant King juice that looks good. I have no idea how one would juice a banana, but I guess you put it in a blender along with berries then mix everything together? Well, that’s how I would do it. Let me know if you have been able to juice a banana.

Stay strong this holiday season. If you haven’t already maybe turn to face book for some support. I suggest this one: Reboot With Joe Cross. (If the link doesn’t work for you then search for Reboot With Joe Cross: Juicing And Changing Your Life in fb’s search bar) This isn’t actually Joe’s fb support group, but its an excellent support group all the same. Members seem to be all on the same page, and admins are great- if you want to spam, troll or just don’t want to play nicely, you will be sure to find yourself deleted and blocked from the group. I joined this group when I did my first reboot back in Aug, and the amount of love I got was amazing. I felt like I could ask anything juice related and I got the answers I needed! I never felt like I failed because I had a smoothie one night, or because I didn’t follow the 80/20 rule of thumb.

How many of you are juicing through Christmas? I apologize for the food porn I will be posting. Just book mark those pages for when your reboot, fasting, is over 🙂


Juicy Luv to you all!

Homemade Chirstmas Gift


I wanted to share this with everyone because it’s easy, simple yet smells refreshing. I came along a blog post by Kathy Hester, called DIY body powder. I showed it to my daughter and she asked if we could make it. Of course, that’s an excellent gift idea. I had everything in my cupboard to make it- we just needed some bottles.

We went to the dollar store, found the perfect sized shaker bottles, bought some without really thinking about how many we needed. Came home and she got to work. She decorated the bottles, made her gift bags and cards. Got to work on mixing the ingredients and scooping the wonderful smelling powder into the bottles. (Ignore the tablecloth, there’s certain areas in my life where I can be lazy. Changing tablecloths is one of them)


We ran out of bottles- so I had to go back out the next day. Finished them at school during lunch. Her friends came over and asked what was smelling so good. She told them. Then her friends asked me for the recipe (these girls are in grade three!)

I gave them and everyone else who asked me for the recipe this link Kathy’s body powder so they can make their mom, aunties, grandma’s, friends this magical peppermint concoction.


I had a chat with a few of my friends who asked me- you just happened to have peppermint extract in your cupboard? Yes, plus everything else. I mean who doesn’t have these things in hand?!