Never shop when you’re hungry

I know I have left overs, but I needed to buy some apples because – I ran out *gasp* who actually runs out of Granny Smith apples?! Apparently this girl does. And ironically, Kayla did too. (Now I don’t feel so bad lol). I have *other* apples, but if your going to make a juice that is tasty- you need the most tart apples you can get you beautiful hands on- and there’s nothing like a crunchy Granny Smith.

But, because I went shopping while hungry and there was a sale on (just forget the fact that I went to three different stores to buy these products) I ended up with this beautiful vegan junk food haul…… I see Rice Krispie squares in my near future- so near I’m drooling because I can taste them already….. Sorry, I’m not sharing. I might share the recipe though. Depends on the source I get it from, and if it’s online. But stayed tuned, I will share my food porn.


What is your favorite vegan junk food?


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