A Return To Love – Marianne Williamson



I have lived most of my life in ‘fear’…not understanding the true meaning of this ‘fear’ until I came across A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson.  I always knew there had to be something ‘more’ to us but I just couldn’t get a grasp on what that truly was until I read this book.

From a very young age, I observed humans ‘competing against one another’, ‘fighting one another’, ‘feeling guilty’, ‘feeling bad/shameful’ and I became confused about the world and its’ inhabitants and felt as though there had a to be a parallel universe and I was, mistakenly, sent to this one…seriously, I used to think that 🙂

When I read this book and listened to the audio, I started to ‘get it’ and I was finally able to breathe again…the confusion, the sadness slowly started to disappear.  Marianne Williamson teaches us how to live both as humans and as spiritual beings…something I struggled with for a very, very long time.



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