Cinnamon Buns

I love Sunday! It’s a day of rest, a day of baking and cooking, a day of doing whatever it is I feel like doing. So yesterday I choose to bake off some cinnamon buns at the request of my daughter. So, I pulled Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz off the book shelf and found her recipe on page 178/179.

It started off innocently enough. The yeast was nice and foamy, the flour turned into dough easily with the help of my Kitchen Aid stand mixer (I don’t mix any dough, unless its cookie or muffin dough, by hand) it was a beautiful piece of dough. I let it rest for a few hours, as I had adulting to do read- chores and parenting. I came back to it, and realized that I need to let it rest again for another 1/2 hr or so. No big deal, we can have these after supper a nice warm, soft, gooey treat just before bed, on a school night.

So, I put the mixture on top, rolled it up, nice and tight sliced it, put in a pan with parchment paper, covered and let  it rise again.


Looks good don’t they? Trust me, my kitchen smelled like a piece of heaven. It’s hard waiting sometimes. The kitchen was nice and warm, which is welcomed as it was chilly yesterday. The smell of cinnamon was crawling through out my house, making tummies rumble with delight. Which quickly made the kids nag me “Are they ready yet?” A question that must’ve made the world’s record book for how many times can a kid ask that within 20 mins. You thought your car ride was annoying with your kids asking “Are we there yet?”

Finally, they are ready to take out of oven. To my surprise, my buns went from perfect looking- to some looking like well- boys lol


They may not have turned out perfect, but they were perfectly delicious!

What are some of your favourite Sunday treats?



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