You Don’t Want A Unicorn


You may think having a pet unicorn would be fun. Glitter and rainbows. A magical horse with a horn. No one else has one. You would be the envy of all your friends. Who else would be able to ride a unicorn to school, be pushed on the swings by one, and eat lunch with Magic?


Unicorns are not like that at all. They are messy, destroy your bed, toys and will invite all of their friends over to help mess up your house. How will they ever get their home back to normal? You’ll need to read it to find out.

Be careful what you wish for, you don’t want a unicorn!!

Fun story written by Ame Dyckman with colorful illustrations by Liz Climo that will delight your child. Although I’m not so sure it will be a great bed time story as your child will be laughing.

My Daughter’s favorite part is when they kept saying “poof” because it’s fun to say. She gives it 6 unicorns out of 10. I give it an 8 unicorns out of 10.

This book will be released on Feb 14, 2017 but you can pre-order now! Hachette Book Group sent my daughter and I – You Don’t Want A Unicorn in exchange for an honest review of the book.

The Engine 2, 7-day Rescue Diet

They asked if 7 days could rescue your health, I know it can. Why don’t you take control of your health now? This free 7 day challenge starts tomorrow, Jan 4th. To learn more about it and to sign up go to their site Engine 2 Diet. They have a Facebook group as well. 

So join me and take control of your health, your future. 

Plant-Powered Dressings An eBook by Dreena Burton


I’ll be honest, even though I’m vegan, I don’t really eat salads. With that being said, this eBook is going to come in handy. If you are looking for a sauce for grains, potatoes or even for that bed of lettuce and veggies, Dreena has you covered.

Dreena has 10 brand new oil free dressings to please your taste buds. Her eBook starts off with ingredient notes, letting you know what she has used or why you should use a certain color of chia seeds. She also tells you what her go to brands are.

Listen to these titles: 24-Carrot Gold Dressing, Basic Chia Vinaigrette, Limealicious Vinaigrette, Greek Salad Vinaigrette, Ranch Dressing, Lemon- Thyme Caper Dressing, Green Goddess Dressing, Creamy Nut-Free Caesar, Balsamic-Date Vinaigrette, Vegan Island Dressing, Maple Chipotle Chickpea Dressing…. oh yummy!! I’m actually wanting a salad now. I’m really wanting to make the 24-carrot gold dressing, ranch, and Island dressing, oh who am I kidding? I want to make them all.

If you have never visited her website, I suggest you do. Here’s the link Plant Powered Kitchen. Do not go hungry, I’m not even kidding. She’s amazing, and every single recipe I have made by her are all keepers. Even your veggie hating spouse will love the recipes.

Nicole Axworthy from A Dash Of Compassion is behind the beautiful photograph’s that will make you hungry. To buy Dreena’s ebook click on the title: Plant Powered Dressings.

With permission from Dreena, I am able to share a recipe. This is soooo good, it’s very tempting to drink it straight from the mason jar.


24- Carrot Gold Dressing recipe by Dreena Burton, photo credit goes to Nicole Axworthy.

½ cup carrot, cut into discs or small chunks

⅓ cup water

1½ tbsp red wine vinegar

1 – 1½ tbsp tahini (use full 1½ tbsp for richer flavor)

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

½ tbsp chickpea miso

½ tsp fresh ginger, roughly chopped

¼ tsp (rounded) sea salt


Using a standing blender (high-powered works best to smooth, but regular blender will also work, just purée longer), purée all the ingredients until very smooth. Serve, or refrigerate. Will keep about 4-5 days in the fridge.
Note: Fresh ginger has a better flavor than dried ginger. Buy a few knobs and keep it in your refrigerator. Then, for this recipe, simply trim away the peel and chop a small amount, you need just a little. It doesn’t have to be finely chopped, as the blender will take care of working it through the dressing.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get saucy 😀

Weekend Getaway

Sometimes we all need to getaway. I needed to get away from doing all the things: laundry, dishes, paid work, emails, blogging, social media.

Here’s my view of the “road”- looking through the sunroof: what do you see in that cloud? I see freedom or the cloud God of freedom waving at me 😉


I was going to stay off all social media for 24 hours, but found myself checking in a few times, and responding to some comments. What can I say? SM, is a big part of my life. Perhaps, too much….. Wait I take that back. It’s never too much.

Took off to the mountains. The view is amazing. If you never been to Jasper, Alberta, Canada- I suggest going. There’s a lot to do. Unfortunately, I was only gone for a little over 24 hrs, and when the trip is 4 hrs one way give or take- that doesn’t leave a lot of time for exploring.

Have a look at some photo’s I took. Some may be blurry, but I was in a moving car. Also, if your wondering why there’s a lot of animal butts in one of the pic- now you know why…. Moving car

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The hotel we stayed at was pretty decent. And by decent, I mean it’s been one of the cleanest hotels I’ve stayed in and it was decently priced.

We had a loft. The staircase leading up to the sleeping area was narrow. I really don’t know how they got furniture up there. There was a window in the ceiling. Sorry, couldn’t see any stars. There was a fireplace and a balcony, and kitchenette. Even though I love cooking, I had a few places in mind that I wanted to try out. But more about that later.

I recommend you check out Best Western if you plan on staying in Jasper

Here’s some pictures of what I thought were interesting “things” to see:

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According to Happy Cow, there’s 3 places that offer vegan options.  I really wanted to go to Coco’s Cafe, but it was closed by the time we hit downtown. So we checked out a Korean restaurant- but the menu posted was too meat heavy that I personally didn’t trust that they knew what vegetarian was never mind a vegan. So, pizza it was. Even though I do like Famoso- I was not too happy about having pizza from here when they are in my city- kinda like going to Europe and eating Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut :/  I do realize why they are there though, people who have never had their pizza now get a chance to try it. So, this was my supper:


yeah- I had a piece before I took a pic of it

I was able to get to Coco’s before I left, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it….. But you will need to wait  that’s another story, and I really want to showcase the quaint joint by itself.

Until next time Jasper, thank you for the relaxation that I was craving for 🙂

Have you been to Jasper? What’s your fav place to eat? Or what mountain trip do you recommend? I need to know- love getaways!

I had this post saved in my drafts, just waiting for the right time to post it. I went in April 2016. A lot has happened since then- I lost all my pics on my phone, thankfully I started this post so I could keep the memories alive. But I have lost my best friend that I went with. We were going to go back someday. I will go back, this time take the kids and share the experience with them. Maybe I will be able to get the loft we stayed at. You will forever be in my heart, you are missed by many- I love you!!